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save tonight (poem)

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2002
Last night I burned my fingers on a pan making Bucky some chicken nuggets. Every fingertip on my right hand has a huge blister on it. I didnít write anything last night and mostly spent the night with my right hand holding a bag of ice. Today itís a little bit better, but my fingertips feel numb. Owie ow! Tonight Iím going to have to spend ten hours typing to catch up. I feel it slipping away and it feels horrible.

save tonight

save tonight
like a photograph
listen to
the interstates
love song
skipping needles
across the scratches
little phonograph

tell me again
like logic does
about five fingers
and hands white
with perfect doves

whisper away
my nightmare screams
dust bunnies found
hopping through
my dirty dreams

let me hop
skip then jump through
my hoops of fear
be there for me
even when Iím
save tonight
like the guts of fireflies
on cherub fingers
against the jar of lies

wait for me
and pray along
save tonight
my pretty song

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