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Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2002
I was just thinking I bet I could take my personal diary and sell that sucker for fat cash on ebay. Eh? I bet a few people that even know me would bid just in fear of what I might say about them. And my journal has all real names in it. Yipes stripes!

I was also thinking imagine if no one on diaryland had their diaries open? We’d be one giant silence. It would be like waiting for the priest to open the window in the confessional. Spooky.

Today I bought a book to help my writing experience. I read two chapters during lunch and it’s quite promising. I plan to read the entire thing tonight.

Over the weekend I cleaned up my books in my house and found that I have two copies of Shampoo Planet, the one on my coffee table that I’m reading and the one that I found in the pile o’books stacked up against the wall. Hmmm…two? So I have a challenge to propose.

The first person to send me 100 words written about the reason why they read my diary, yah feed my ego, I need it. *rolls eyes* will be the lucky new owner of a fabtabulous copy of Shampoo Planet by Douglas Coupland of course. Just write 100 words of crap reasons why you read , boredom is excepted, so is “because you’re fucked up Kristy” so go for it!

Only rule if you are the winner, you gotta provide your address so I can snail mail ya your new book. Get busy and email it to me! Oh one last thing, I’m gonna put the winning entry right here plastered so you can get your own ego strokin’ job too! :-)

-PoeticaL (poeticalgirl@hotmail.com)
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