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Friday, Jul. 16, 2004

Tonight I had a chat with "him".  The infamous internet romance of years back.....  We know each other inside and out...and he's getting married soon...  Either way....I shared this with "him" because he's a business man...and because I knew he'd laugh about this....

Kwisty2k: ok now I'm starting a new business

Kwisty2k: i'm gonna sell these

Kwisty2k: because at my house they must be valuable

Kwisty2k: as no one can throw them away

“him”: whats that


Kwisty2k: these.......

Kwisty2k: you want one?

Kwisty2k: they're all empty

“him”: shampoo bottles

Kwisty2k: but ya know you can use em for vases or some shit I'm sure

“him”: toss them out

Kwisty2k: i stopped throwing them away to see just how many they'd let collect

Kwisty2k: so far....all of em

“him”: lmao

Kwisty2k: i'm amazed really

Kwisty2k: i'm thinking I gotta save the bastards now

Kwisty2k: they're making friends and having conversations

Kwisty2k: having shampoo bottle sex and multiplying

“him”: which one is the real shampoo bottle

Kwisty2k: soon i'll have baby suds

Kwisty2k: none of em

Kwisty2k: they is all empty

“him”: is it contenstant 1,2,3, or 4

“him”: none of them have shampoo in them

Kwisty2k: yah imagine this...it's 6 a.m. and you're hairs dirty and you're half asleep and you're spending twenty minutes finding the real deal

Kwisty2k: nope

Kwisty2k: all empty

Kwisty2k: ok so i know you want one

“him”: geez why cant they throw them away

Kwisty2k: i dunno

“him”: really that lazy

Kwisty2k: i haven't figured that out yet

Kwisty2k: i figure that since new bottles keep showing up either by me or someone else they just figure why bother

Kwisty2k: i also noticed that if I don't put soap in there.....they can't look under the sink and find it

Kwisty2k: i figure they pretend to have soap because they don't have it unless I supply it right into the soap dish

“him”: i get fed up with a bottle of shampoo if i have to knock it around a little to get some out

Kwisty2k: oh no these suckers are EMPTY

“him”: and my toothpaste tubes i toss them away before they are completely gone

Kwisty2k: i mean they are as dry as a nuns kitty

“him”: and i cant stand bars of soap that are small out they go

Kwisty2k: they sit upside down so long that you can wash a barn full of cows with what drains down....but then when it's gone it's REALLY gone...there is no rinsing either

Kwisty2k: you could drink scotch outta those bottles

Kwisty2k: i'm gonna list em on ebay i think

“him”: if i tip a bottle of shampoo and have to wait longer than 5.7 seconds its going in the trash

Kwisty2k: surely they're valuable to some man out there since i live with two of em that love em

“him”: i would shit if someone placed a bid on them

Kwisty2k: the only really kewl thing I have to say about the shampoo bottle collection is....how many households could hold onto them so lovingly and for so long?

Kwisty2k: i mean if I set out to do this..it'd never happen

Kwisty2k: of course I can't keep a roll of toilet paper to save my life

Kwisty2k: and I can't quite figure out what to do with wet towels on the floor to make a profit

“him”: i am not even going to ask whats empty but still sitting in the fridge

Kwisty2k: well....that's a different story

Kwisty2k: i live with two men who eat more than I do in a week on a daily basis if it's available...and they're both rail thin and I think they SUCK for that ....(note to b.f. and his twin’age -yes if you’re reading you SUCK for being thin and eating anything you want!!)...

“him”: some kind of weird science project going on in their about rotting food

Kwisty2k: they are very good at cleaning out the fridge...and they're the only ones that cook around here....i can't be bothered

Kwisty2k: they are both good cooks too

“him”: yeah especially on chicken night

Kwisty2k: that’s not funny…I hate chicken


In defense of b.f. and because I love that I came home to this sight...


Yah...now that's more like it....

the shampoo bottle band/collection can be bought from k-tel in a k-mart near you for 19.99...soon...coming soon...

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