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my poor sick head....

Sunday, Feb. 10, 2002
I spent 5 1/2 hours last night deleting entries from my other diary that few ever knew about. Ya know the one with the rose. I have decided to keep that part of my life private and to not exploit conversations even though thats not how I intended that diary to be. It just happened that way.

While going through the diary last night I realized that he and I have been through so much together and we still are drawn to each other. We still have feelings. It's pretty overwhelming sometimes.

I'm still sick. I'm dragging ass in fact. I'm gonna go back to bed now.

I went out last night for 2 hours and came home feeling like my chest was on fire. It sucks to be this sick.


Lay my head on your shoulder
I finally let it all out
It felt good for a moment
not living in a shadow of doubt
"only time will tell - swallow this live"
There is still a new test…much harder….right here

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