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Thursday, Feb. 28, 2002

Him: you can show me the pics now

PoeticaL: ey ey captain

PoeticaL: wanted to show you something

Him: k

PoeticaL wants to directly connect.

Him declines request; no connection was made.

Him: hehe

Him: ooops

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: snot

Him wants to directly connect.

Him is now directly connected.


Him: i have that pic

PoeticaL: ok you've seen this picture before right?

PoeticaL: I know

PoeticaL: but watch


PoeticaL: this is tonight

Him: your thinner in the face

PoeticaL: andddddddddddd check out my hairrrrrr

Him: longer

PoeticaL: anddddddd it was way short somewhere in the middle of those two pictures

PoeticaL: I can't find any though

Him: shrugs

PoeticaL: I just wanted to show you what i was looking at

Him: your diet is working you can see it

PoeticaL: ya think?

Him: ya

PoeticaL: well I think I look different

PoeticaL: but....

PoeticaL: its hard to tell when you're looking at yourself

PoeticaL: so I wanted to show someone else

Him: you can tell

PoeticaL: I know that when I bought the jammies I have on.......that's my pj top.....they were tight....I never wore em

PoeticaL: now.....I have to roll up the silk boxers so they stay up

Him: you wear boxers?

PoeticaL: they're boxer pj's

PoeticaL: but no

PoeticaL: I don't wear boxers

Him: that was confusing

PoeticaL: ok....I have pajamma's and the bottoms are boxers

PoeticaL: but I don't wear boxers

PoeticaL: like guys do

Him: me neither

PoeticaL: I know

PoeticaL: I've asked

Him: cant stand them

PoeticaL: I can't imagine wearing them either

PoeticaL: not under pants

Him: like having a big diaper on

PoeticaL: hahaha

Him: im going to bed soon

Him: im tired

Him: got home late last night

PoeticaL: I understand

PoeticaL: just wanted to show you those pics

PoeticaL: see what you thought

Him: it was kewl

Him: you can see progress

PoeticaL: thanks

PoeticaL: I'm not done

PoeticaL: no way no how

PoeticaL: its not that hard and I know I can reach that goal

PoeticaL: I'm getting somewhere

Him: yes you are

PoeticaL: only problem I have is none of my clothes fit

Him: what is your ideal weight going to be

PoeticaL: I want to weigh like 135 to 140

Him: thats about right for 5' 6''

PoeticaL: but I'm telling you in that one picture you got first I weighed 170

PoeticaL: so I want to weigh less than I did there

Him: i think your great in that first pic

PoeticaL: yeah yeah I know

Him: lol

PoeticaL: I think that's just cause I had a tan

PoeticaL: lol

Him: na

PoeticaL: but...in that picture my hair was a major mess

Him: it was permed

PoeticaL: you never said my hair was messy by looking at that picture though...hmm...

PoeticaL: no it wasn't

PoeticaL: wait...yes it was

Him: i thought it was permmed

PoeticaL: yeah it was

PoeticaL: that was like 4 days after a new perm

PoeticaL: so it was wicked curly

Him: yeah

PoeticaL: now when my hairs curly.....its just natural

Him: perms fuck up your hair

PoeticaL: never again

PoeticaL: never ever

Him: i dont blame ya

PoeticaL: it breaks off your hair and makes a mess of it

PoeticaL: my hairs so healthy right now

PoeticaL: its soft and nice

Him: mine 2

PoeticaL: but check this out

PoeticaL: look at my hair

PoeticaL: where it lands

Him: i got that one

Him: ya


PoeticaL: here we are two months later....no hair cuts

Him: that one is loner

Him: longer

PoeticaL: c'mon

PoeticaL: you think?

Him: no i know

PoeticaL: it gets to this length

PoeticaL: and quits

PoeticaL: it pisses me off soooo bad

PoeticaL: see tonight....I wanted to check out my progress

PoeticaL: so I was checking myself out

PoeticaL: <-----what a goon

Him: your doing good

PoeticaL: *shrugs* not good enough

PoeticaL: I'm not there yet

Him: your getting there

PoeticaL: yes

PoeticaL: I'm not where I was

PoeticaL: at all

Him: what do you think you weigh now

PoeticaL: I don't know

PoeticaL: I'm gonna buy a scale for my apartment

PoeticaL: and make a chart

Him: ya you always say that same shit

PoeticaL: probably still too much

Him: i bet under 180

PoeticaL: nah I don't think so

PoeticaL: I'm wearing a size 16

PoeticaL: I haven't been able to get into a 14 yet

Him: you were 240 when i met you

PoeticaL: but now I'm losing on top

PoeticaL: I bought a smaller bra last night

PoeticaL: I had to

Him: damn

PoeticaL: smaller cup size

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: wait...I still have boobies

Him: there go the tities

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: nope

PoeticaL: I still have tits

PoeticaL: c'mon

PoeticaL: smaller cup....smaller size

Him: your still a C

PoeticaL: ok..here we go on the boobie story

PoeticaL: I was wearing a size DD...no lie....

Him: ok nm

PoeticaL: I am now a C

Him: C is perfect size

PoeticaL: the DD was too big for awhile but I didnt' want to buy tons of stuff so I waited til it was worthless to have a DD bra on

Him: you can get hurt with a DD

PoeticaL: well....I still need to lose circumfrance

PoeticaL: like around my body

PoeticaL: that's the number size

PoeticaL: I used to be a 36

Him: 36C thats perfect

PoeticaL: I am right now a 40

PoeticaL: well.........I'm getting there

PoeticaL: that's all I can say

Him: yes you are

Him: keep it up

PoeticaL: but I'll always have tits and ass

PoeticaL: always always...I always have

PoeticaL: I want to find some excercises to firm up these boobies though

Him: you wont always have a big as

Him: s

PoeticaL: that's my next thing

PoeticaL: I didn't say a big ass

PoeticaL: I said I will always have ass

Him: well i hope so

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: but.....for the record

PoeticaL: this ain't about you

Him: otherwise your gonna have to sit on your head

PoeticaL: you do know that don't you?

Him: yes i figured that out

PoeticaL: cause I like you regardless of what you look like

PoeticaL: and I think you shoulda done the same in return

Him: im 3' 6''

Him: midget

PoeticaL: and in some ways you did

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: good I can throw you around

Him: my head is way to big for my body

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: that's your attitude

Him: i have a gimpy leg

Him: and only one eye

PoeticaL: no ...that's probably your dick

PoeticaL: look again

PoeticaL: hahahahahaha

Him: damn

PoeticaL: hahahahahaha

PoeticaL: I'm just kidding

Him: when i take a p i use a step ladder

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: wouldn't matter to me

PoeticaL: sex would be really fucked up though

Him: and i swim inside of an ashtray

PoeticaL: teehee

Him: hey you told me over the phone a 2'' penis works for you

PoeticaL: I did not

PoeticaL: ever tell you that

Him: yes you did

PoeticaL: I told you that there were other ways

Him: see you can get it to work

PoeticaL: it would work as long as he knew how to hold a vibrator


Him: oh geeeeez

PoeticaL: well....

PoeticaL: would you want to sleep with a girl that you couldn't feel?

Him: nope

PoeticaL: I didn't think so

PoeticaL: but me personally if truth be known

PoeticaL: I think oral skills are way more important than dick size

Him: it plays an important part but a small dick is like having no dick at all

PoeticaL: sorta...yeah

PoeticaL: I would agree with that

Him: its like your pants that are too small for you........they are there but you cant really use it

PoeticaL: but a guy can have a good tool and bad knowledge of how it works

PoeticaL: but then again what do I know? I have no experience

Him: ya but he can be trained if he has the right tools lol

PoeticaL: true

Him: you cant train an ant

PoeticaL: you can water flowers and they'll grow.....never saw a penis get bigger

PoeticaL: er....welll I take that back

Him: well then .......you dont have the touch baby

Him: lol

PoeticaL: I'm pretty damn sure I could make you say "oh man....no one's ever done that like that before"

Him: you think so huh

PoeticaL: I know

PoeticaL: its not what I think

PoeticaL: it's what I know

Him: maybe youd be the one who learned somthing

PoeticaL: I might be unsure about some things but that's not one of em

PoeticaL: I made it my business to learn cause I've never met a guy that didn't want a girl to know

PoeticaL: me learn something from you......surely you're kidding......lol....

Him: not hardly

PoeticaL: that never happens....hahaha

Him: all the time

PoeticaL: well you know what?

PoeticaL: seriously.....I already know that your good in bed

Him: how would you know

PoeticaL: I know

Him: ok

PoeticaL: guys that talk about it constantly........suck in bed

PoeticaL: the opposite is always true too

Him: you could be right

Him: well i need to crash

PoeticaL: and besides......I have yet to see anything that you are bad at....except typing and on that you're just slow....

PoeticaL: slow is not bad in bed

PoeticaL: ok.........night

Him: good nite

Him: tom. friday

Him: ha i get paid

PoeticaL: yeah and I'm getting keys

PoeticaL: I get paid too

PoeticaL: and I'll be moving this weekend

PoeticaL: won't be online

PoeticaL: phone doesn't get turned on til the 4th

Him: yeah but i get 4800

PoeticaL: then I gotta meet the road runner guy

Him: so plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

PoeticaL: do you gotta rub it in?

PoeticaL: I'm gonna be eating cheese every night

PoeticaL: cheese and water

PoeticaL: wearing a barrel

Him: i eat that

PoeticaL: lighting candles to save on electricity

Him: i love velveta and add some miracle whip

PoeticaL: reusing my bath water

Him: yuk

PoeticaL: I'm just kidding

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: pleaseeee

PoeticaL: hey

Him: its going to be so scummy from the first time

PoeticaL: will ya do something for me?

Him: depends

Him: is it illegal

PoeticaL: no

Him: do i need a permit

PoeticaL: no

Him: do you smoke it

PoeticaL: and its free

PoeticaL: no

Him: do you shoot it up

PoeticaL: no

Him: do you consume it otherways

PoeticaL: no

Him: does it make you money

PoeticaL: no

Him: can you use it to make money

PoeticaL: no

Him: oh now i lost interest

Him: the answer is no

PoeticaL: awwwww

Him: hehe

PoeticaL: will you pray for me?

Him: for what

PoeticaL: i'm just scared and I want you to keep good thoughts in your head and cross your fingers for me and stuff...that's all

Him: ok

Him: you got it

Him: now good nite

PoeticaL: thanks

PoeticaL: night

Him: bye

Him direct connection is closed.

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