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stalking delusion

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2002
Is stalking still stalking if the person being stalked doesnít know about it? What if you just want to talk to the person but you arenít holding a knife? Is that stalking? I think stalking is harassment if the person knows about it. So technically what is stalking? If I just miss someone, do I have stalking tendencies if I look for them? But if Iím just looking for their availability, is that stalking?

Iíve never been stalked. Wait, I take that back. There was that one creepy guy from the convenience store that called me 110 times and left the same voice mail 110 times. Yeah thatís stalking thatís moving into the harassment degree for sure.

What if someone reads your diary just because they think you are delusional? Does that mean they are stalking you for the sole purpose of harassment? If I donít like someone I donít care what they say about me. On the other hand if you publish your thoughts to the www arenít you in essence opening your front door allowing any Tom Dick or Harry in? And therefore arenít you publicly announcing your thoughts are free game?

Is the mere process of someone reading just to mock you a form of stalking or is that simply ďyou canít stay away from the lightĒ behavior? Furthermore, if you want to talk to me, just admit that you really like me and say hello. No need to stand behind the trees with that knife and wait for me to notice. Itís quite delusional if you judge me but you feel compelled to read my diary from behind that tree of yours.

If you call someone and donít leave a message did you have good intentions to talk to them about something important or are you just stalking them silently? If you do leave a message and say something lame is that then harassment because it was unnecessary?

I think that my thoughts are public and youíre welcome to em. Theyíre free. Thanks for reading even if you might have blocked me. I appreciate your eye time. Iíll try not to talk about you much since it might make you feel harassed. Now you can resume your post behind that tree.

Have a nice day! :-) My mom always said I was a smartassÖshe was pretty right.

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