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steal worthy is not the same as stealing

Tuesday, May. 21, 2002

Thereís something thatís been on my mind for a little while now.This whole notion of people quoting my diaries without a mention of where those words originated.Yeah thatís right I said diaries.I have more than this one.(Donít we all?)The only other one that I really mess with is one other one.Itís not a secret, but if you want to know for sure, just email me, Iíll tell ya.Anyways, I have seen my words, meaning my poetry lines quoted elsewhere.One time a girl used a quote from my other diary as her entire layout.Now is it not kewl or is it kewl? I mean thereís a nice feeling when you see your words like that, but when the person doesnít ask you, then thatís just fucked.I mean, I believe that all people are creative in their own way.If they just sit down and open their own minds on a blank piece of paper that to me is more beautiful than using my words.While I feel that some works of fiction are so quote worthy, Fight Club by Chuck for one!I mean how can anyone not quote that?Itís so difficult.

I still think personal creativity is far more awesome than masking yourself with someone elseís work.It would be like my using artwork in my layout and copping like it was my own.Thatís just not a very personal statement at all.I believe everyone has a talent. Find your talent.Display that which is you.Truly you!

Lyrics, of course are quote worthy. I myself do it all the time.But another person online?†† Another poet or poetess?Iíve never done it without permission and full credit.So what makes people think that they can just kype my words and make layouts?The person that did this using an entry from my other diary quickly changed her layout when I pointed it out by entering another entry on that diary.It was done in a clever way and I didnít ream her like I at first wanted to.Because my one time friend Joe told me it was an attribute in life to be considered ďsteal worthyĒ by another human being.She later tried to say, ďI thought you knewĒ.How would I know?Osmosis?

I fight with myself on this.I have seen my poetry quoted by people that list me in their favorites.Thatís a nice thing, so donít confuse what I am saying.What I am saying is a person who takes my words and makes them their own without any credit or mention of where itís come from.This has happened to me so many times I canít even tell you how many.And if I tried to list links Iíd be here all damn day doing nothing but that.I wonder how many of my poems are hanging on bulletin boards (I am not being arrogant, I am just stating fact, I have been told by people that they do this!)I have done it myself with other people.But to me, its different to print out a poem someone I admire wrote and keep it for my own use.To kype words and plaster them on your own website or even your wall at home without including the author.( I always include the author so I donít ever forget myself) is just plain wrong!

Iím not even going to get into copyright infringements and all that bullshit.It just comes down to giving credit where credit is due.Yeah, my picture of where I live on my website was kyped from another site.I never thought much of it cause itís a pic of the beach.I mean, really, címon what makes one picture of the beach anymore than another.But now, I think Iím going to head out there with my own damn digital and take my own pics.Enough said.I gotta practice what I preach and I donít feel much like giving that twit credit for a stupid beach pic.So Iíll obtain my own.Besides, I know I can get a better pic myself.

All of this talk makes me want to delete my poetry, and then I donít want to because itís me.Itís part of me. I would think that I should be able to share without being sabotaged.Itís so hard to know in this situation whatís best.I just know that when I see my words on layouts, it pisses me off only because Iíve been given no credit and itís like the owner of that diary is saying ďI like your words enough to make them mine, but fuck you theyíre mine now!ĒThatís so wrong.

I mean even my layout; I changed it because Lex stopped hosting the images in her design.So the top pic isnít even from her, and come to think of it, I gotta give credit where credit is due.That top pic was a gift awhile back from ktothac and Iím going to have to put something up there permanently in her honor, because itís really her genius and not my own.My point being the only part of this layout that has remained the same is the background tables and link placement, nothing else is even about Lex and I didnít remove credit from her in anyway.She still did the html work. Címon people give credit where itís due.Or donít take my fucking words!Itís not cool in the end.

The only solace I take from this happening is that I am steal worthy and self worthy and I must say things that people relate to.And my statements in this diary do not apply to my personal friends.In that area, I feel that my heart is your heart.I am the most giving friend you will ever have.I have seen a good friend put my words in his profile, (youíre more than welcome to do so V.) That makes me smile.But thatís a friend.If you comehere and you donít know me, my words are mine.I am so confident that you can find your own way with words.The human language is amazing.I have read things all over the Internet that I wish I had written.But I never pretended that I have.I have no doubt that I have a god given talent.I am grateful for it.On the other hand I canít design and I canít do layouts, and I canít singÖand I canítÖ.and so I donít pretend I can.And I do quote lyrics, I do have my friends poem scrolling across my diary because I am not the only person with a voice and wonderful words to share.But notice I give credit.And I have permission.

WhewÖI really had to get that off my chestÖ.your opinions are welcome.Throw em at me!And if you read this farÖone of my other diaries is quixotic-one.†† It is a diary I am very proud of.If you read this far, you deserve to know.Thanks.


and another ďsteal worthyĒ lyrical quote follows:

Days go by and still i think of you,
days when i couldn't live my life without you,
without you...
without you...
without you...

-Dirty Vegas

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