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little children book vs. movie take 1

Thursday, Jan. 04, 2007
I’m supposed to read those book club choices. Instead I read this one last night. In a matter of 3 ˝ hours. Sometimes it amazes me how quickly I can read an entire novel if the mood strikes me and the novel keeps me interested. I have those moments often and if I have the free time, I strike and those are the glorious moments of reading.

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I loved it. Loved it. Out of curiosity I looked for the DVD for the movie. I assumed I missed it. I believe it’s not released yet in the theaters. I have no idea if it’ll be as good as the book was. I can only hope. Kate Winslet is in the movie so it can’t be that bad right? I was checking out the movie information online and found this

Brad Adamson: You have a nice place here.
Sarah Pierce: You think? Yeah, Richard does pretty well for himself.
Brad Adamson: Oh, yeah? What's he do?
Sarah Pierce: He lies.

This was of course not in the book. And I’m glad because it reminds me of my ex-husband way too much.

The movie trailer is available here

It looks to be so far somewhat accurate to the book I just finished. We shall see. I hate seeing movies before reading the book. However, they show Kate Winslet as Sarah in a red bathing suit. In the book…it was a bikini….hmm… The little details is what will drive me bonkers.

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