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Monday, Jun. 17, 2002
I just got this faxed back in return… 3 ½ years and we’re ending it via fax. How sad…


If that’s what you want then that’s what will happen. I won’t fight it or try to talk you out of it. Surely you must have given it some serious thought so if that’s what you want that’s what you got. Will you forever live in the past, reliving a new day in the same old way? Here’s all I need to say to you. Whatever makes you happy go for it. Whatever makes you cry, stay clear of it. If I am the one thing that makes you hurt all the time. Then I have to agree the right words for you and me are good-bye.

P.S. As you wish I won’t ever contact you again and will delete you from all my programs.

(his signature)

I already called him and said “you and I need to talk because you aren’t the thing that’s hurting me..you are the only good thing. He said, “damn I swear I just read that you cried a million tears and that you wanted to say goodbye!” To which I replied, "well we need to talk, but I can't talk from here" He said Ok and we hung up. Now what do I do? It's so damn obvious I can't be the one to ever walk away....

Someone advise me….please???
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