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Thursday, Jun. 13, 2002
I want to shout out a big huge thank you to Sandy for laying down some cash to buy Blue Joules CD I think it’s equally kewl and must thank my friends in the band for being kewl to her in return.

I spoke to Jamie today on the phone and it was a kewl conversation as well. Ok…so everything’s kewl there. I’m just wondering if you’re sick of my song yet. It’s odd because by the time a song you have part in writing hits the public, you’ve heard it a go’zillion times. I have to stop myself sometimes from listening to that CD for awhile so I can try to get a fresh perspective on it. It’s impossible though. And after weeks of not listening to it, my attempts at finding a unbiased view are squashed when “Bucky” is listening to it in his bedroom real loud.

It makes me smile really big to think someone’s jammin’ to them in NC. I just really wanna know what you honestly think of my song. Surely you're without bias... So?????
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