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Sunday, Oct. 06, 2002

you are an addiction
one that I can’t stop licking
the face of time with

that drug of my need
the one that I learned to bleed for
openly and...
only for you
my veins are blurred out sore

I walked
and the stars kept screaming
and I drove and drove faster
away from the ringing
the misunderstanding
the same of this game

its not hard to love you
or want to
its hard to stop one
when there are two
you help me
need you
because you and I are
greed times two

the way you want me
come to me
find me
you even seek me when I hide
you feed my ache for you
when you say
“I know its hard on you…this…

neither of us knows what this is
just that this is keeping up
with that
and that doesn’t feel so damned bad
when we verbally kiss
did you know any of this
or did you just hang onto your that
and would you
would you continue
even if I was sad

I need you
life stops when we stop
if we are silence
I can’t breath
and nothing revolves
around the sun
when you are gone

and then again it will turn
like none of this
was something either of us
have ever done

just once I wish you would admit
to no one
but the power of sound
that I am the one

the one you cry to
run to
confide to
collide through

deny you do

i am not all of those ones
that decline the best of you

when the lights go out
i am the one girl that can't sleep by you
the one that crys about you

I want to run to you
hold you forever
run past you
defy us never being together
knock on your heart
and wait
wait for you to open your door
I want all the bad to
outweigh the good
until the beauty of you
stands tall no more
until we're both just fools

holding each other because
just because that's what love's for

sometimes hate seems the only
so when you call my name
and I don’t come
you can sing like you used to
when I used to cry
cry silent
at the beauty of your hum


run just as fast as I can
to the middle of nowhere
to the middle of my frustrated fears

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