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Wednesday, Jul. 10, 2002
Great quote:

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

I just helped people.

I told “him” about western union and now his Mom can take care of her stuff without waiting for a check to show up in the mail. So I helped “him” and the “him” Mom. I dig her and never met her. I just like the way he talks about her and the way she is.

Then I helped my friend Greg with his resume. He just graduated and had a massive messy resume. Now he can look for a job and look respectable.

It feels so nice to help someone. I don’t want a pat on the back. Just being helpful feels great.

Right now it’s just good to smile and laugh and have fun talking to someone else who needs to laugh and have fun cause T's fighting a war for us over there.... I almost forgot what that was like to just do nothing but laugh...

T: I had fun in Germany
Me: I bet so
Me: while in the service?
T: Got to see quite a few different countries
T: yep
Me: do you intend to stay in?
T: and learned German
Me: like is it your life?
T: I plan on a couple of more years
T: before I can retire
Me: I think this about the military
Me: I think that you should do one of either of these
Me: 1. join for 4 years and get out and go to college and use the money you get to go or....
Me: 2. stay in ...retire young...enjoy life
T: I went in for the money
T: now I am going to retire young
Me: smart guy
Me: I can respect that
T: plus now that I am a Warrant...
T: I will have all kinds of schooling and certifications on the way out
Me: that's really the smart way
T: I plan on completing my CCIE before I am done
Me: I think there's tons of opportunity in the military and anyone that comes out with nothing deserved to come out with nothing
T: Then I am going to get out and get a job at Burger King!
Me: hahahaha ROTFL
T: I am going to call in sick the first day
Me: OMG how funny you are
T: I am going to call in sick the second day
Me: lol
T: Then on the 3rd day I am going to call and say "I'm tired of your shit. I quit!"
T: then I’ll find a real job


T: can you hold on a minute? I need to get another cup 'o java?
Me: no problem
T: sorry-it took so long I had to tinkle also
Me: lol
Me: that's ok
Me: a big brave military man tinkles?
Me: lol we're all gonna die
T: would it have been better to say "I had to take the monster for a walk'?
Me: I dunno but tinkle?
T: would that have been more militant?
T: it sounds so much more polite doesn't it?
Me: I dunno about the military but here in the civilian world I go pee
T: lol
Me: I don't powder my nose or take Suzy with me either.
Me: I'm sorry that was just funny, tinkle.....
T: its ok
Me: but you can say whatever works for you
T: plus...there wasn't any coffee left
Me: that bites
T: tell me about it
Me: I bet you don't get Starbucks over there
T: nope...but I hear they are opening one soon
Me: in Afghanistan?
T: right after they build the mall and Super Walmart
T: kidding
Me: dang it you caught me acting stupid again

I told T that I needed him to tell someone my email address so that they could inform me if something went wrong. He said he would.

Me: by the way can you tell your friends over there that for whatever it's worth one girl in FL said thank you
T: I will
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