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Monday, Jul. 15, 2002
Itís Monday morning and Iím back to Splenda and decaf coffee and cheese. How ridicules. ButÖmy pants, oh hell my pants are tight! Well not my regular pants but my recently acquired small pants. But still. Theyíre still my pants. My problem is not what I eat; itís my insane depressing inactivity. Hereís my list of main activities.

1. Read
2. Internet Surf
3. Watch movies
4. Write
5. Update here

Long list of inactivity! How insane. I mean this is the main problem. So I gotta gotta add some ACTIVITY. Ok so I think my previous sex life was helpful. I mean címon you add sex in there 3 times a week at 2 hours a clip. Thatís 6 hours of strenuous exercise. Exercise that Iím not getting anymore. *sigh*

So I have those walking tapes and I do use them. But it gets *yawn* boringÖ Then I donít use them. Then I have a guilt trip and I do use them. See the problem here?

Iím wearing an old pair of tan pants today. I want to put on my black sexy pants. And I can. But hell if I sit down Iíll split them wide open. If I worked somewhere where I didnít have a chair I could pull it off, but I have a chair. Please donít sign my guestbook and tell me I have a fat ass. I already know this. If I didnít I wouldnít be drinking coffee with Splenda in it. I mean the stuff doesnít taste too yummy you know. And I have tons of water to drink too. *sigh*

I donít know. My entire adult life I have struggled with this issue. I am sick sick sick of it. I mean there has to be an answer out there. I think I gotta get my fat ass in gear and just those damn exercise tapes twice a day. Morning and Night!!

Man how depressing. I just thought about how husband is getting into shape. All that Tae Kwon Doe or does it have something to do with grocery shopping trips that take 4 hours for 2 bags of groceries?? Thatís a lot of exercise. Oh manÖ I need some chocolate.

I always think that if I was just happy Iíd just end up thin again. Last time I was thin I was pretty happy. ;-) I also didnít have a chair that I was sitting in all day or pants that were too damn tight!

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