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Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2005
So....tonight I came home earlier than most nights and he was already in bed sleeping. :-( I made dinner and he never got up to eat.

I'm tired...*sigh* It was another long day trying to learn a new job that's not all that interesting after you understand more of it and yet its full of detail oriented tasks.

and for my son at his request...and because I really do think he rocks!

Right after you log into your diary there is a list along the

left side that looks like this


Other stuff:

 Domain hosting

 Help section and FAQs

 Miscellaneous stuff

 Gold member resources

 Log out

 Archive older entries

 Edit your profile

 Edit your notes settings

 Change your email setup

 Change your password

 Lock or unlock your diary



Click on Edit your notes settings


Then you will see


click here to turn your notes page either on or off, or decide whether you get email when someone adds a note or not.


After you click on the “click here” you can see this


Do you want to let people leave notes for you?
(you currently are accepting notes)

Leave it so you are accepting new notes

Make it so that you are not accepting new notes



Click on the top one.


That should do it! Then I should be able to leave you notes.

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