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Monday, May. 06, 2002
borrowed from my conversation with Josh this morning...

I told someone on diaryland that their layout sucked
cause it does
and now he's got his diaryland pals chasing after me too

JEM: his posse?

hahaha yeah
he's http on there
clever name
shitty ass layout

first I told him
Your layout is the ugliest thing I've ever seen on diaryland. Geez..
then he told me....

My friend Mike (mdaines, on here) designed it for me. I like it a lot.

from trulypoetic :
looks like something my 95 year old grandmother has in her kitchen that no one will be fighting over after her death. But if that's the look you're going for you've succeeded. Congrats.

then the freak says this to me

from http :
That's exactly the look I'm going for, actually. I wanted the most unassuming and neutral imagery possible; a lot of diaries, I find, are decorated with pictures of willowy weeping women (www!) which, aesthetic preference aside, definitely convey a certain kind of emotion. I'm trying to avoid conveying emotions in the most blatant sense; I want them to be there, but I want them to be latent and in the subtext rather than out in the open. Communication with words is so extraordinarily difficult sometimes, and it's so hard to make someone understand how you're feeling. No one can say "I'm feeling sad" and cause the person they're speaking to to comprehend their situation. Words simply do not have that power. I think that through simplicity, and straightforwardness, a lot of implied emotions can be assumed by the reader and the act of assumption entails a certain degree of empathy. I'm sorry for going off like that. Basically: I want my diary's layout to look like a garage sale knicknack. I'm sorry if it upset you.

JEM: thats not a bad response . . .

so I told him.....from trulypoetic :
looks just like a knickknack. I was just stating a fact I guess. Wow that was the longest note I ever got. You win the longest note award. ta da!

then his notes reflect.... from lizbot : kyle's page is the best.

then I get...from lizbot :
you're just jealous cause kyle's page is covered in cock.

look at her diary

it looks like baby shit
I tell her

from trulypoetic : Nah, I'm more jealous of your "babyshit" layout.

its a Diaryland war!
just cause I spoke the truth instead of the lame ass "lets always be nice" game

JEM: well . . .
JEM: i don't really have anything to follow that with . . .

Yeah Iím not always nice. Yeah sometimes I say things just cause they gotta come out. But hey I didnít attact the person. Just the nasty ass layout.

He's in need of Sexy by Lexy or a celery stick up the ass!

JEM: i had a baby blanket lay out for a long time . . . that was nothing too pretty . . .

But it wasn't some egotistical need for "COCK" all over your page and apparently he's a pussy with a posse!
JEM: maybe those attacks are unwarranted
JEM: mmm . . . Kristy . . . have you seen Donnie Darko yet?


JEM: go rent it . . . its really really good, though a little confusing . . .
JEM: i really appreciate the struggle of the main character . . . it hits home . . . like tornados in trailer parks

Me: and here I was countin' on you to be part of MY posse....*sigh* lol
JEM: if you want me to be . . . i'll do anything for cute girls . . .
Me: awwwwwwww
thanks for letting me vent even when its stupid shit and thanks for not jumpin on the posse...and pointing out my flaws instead

JEM:awwww . . .
*big hugs*
you're welcome cutie pie ;-)

by the way Josh...I know you'll read this....I meant it when I said thanks...you're one of my bestest friends and I'm glad you're there to set me straight...

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from trulypoetic :
I don't know Kyle. But my friend JEM set me straight. So..I was nasty making a mean comment even if it is true. I apologize Kyle. It's still ugly...but doesn't mean I shoulda said so.
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