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Friday, Jun. 28, 2002
This morning I was singing bad songs along with my car radio. Really bad songs. A Juice Newton song. If you don’t know who she is…grrr I hate you for being so young. I was singing her and then I actually sang that Whitney Houston song “I will always love you”. Man I hate that song. But I was singing these songs as though my life depended on it. Like a bad scene out of an eighties movie. This one guy I work with that happens to have the same name as my son (this is a bone of contention too!!) says that I have an eighties hairstyle. Maybe I’m stuck in the eighties. Maybe I’ll go shave my head this weekend and then sing Ani DiFranco songs at the top of my lungs. Wait, I’m not gay. I just don’t fit in anywhere. I have finally decided to get a tattoo related to my song. I gotta find a designer to draw me something original. But I’m gonna do it. I’m thinking the back of my neck up near my hairline. A good place since I have long eighties hair. Wait I’m shaving my head…so…anyone out there collect “eighties” hair? I’ll send it.

Last night I broke down and bought a copy of that Divine Ya Ya book. I couldn’t help myself. It was $5 and I just want to know if the book is better than the movie because I totally loved that sap filled female hormone laden movie. The lady at the bookstore told me that she read it and that they left out a lot of stuff in the movie. She mentioned a particular scene but I don’t remember what she said.

Last night after work, husband called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the new Macaroni Grill that just opened on our side of town. We get there with “Bucky” in tow and they’re packed like smelly sardines everywhere in a rusty can. The hostess without the mostest tells me that there’s an hour and 25 minute wait. We went to Bennigan’s instead and got a free appetizer because as the manager put it “my cook dropped your crab cakes on the floor so now they will be free.” I said, “you’re joking right…you just don’t know how to communicate very well…right? Because I know you’re not actually telling me that because my crab cakes have dirt on them that now they will be free?” I was joking and laughing and he didn’t think I was too happy. Doh! So then he says, “no there’s no dirt on your crab cakes” To which I said, “so if there’s no dirt then they are free?” Then he said, “My cook dropped your original crab cakes and because it’s now taking longer for your appetizer your appetizer will be free of charge. To which I replied, “oh well in that case take your time with my dinner too.” He had NO sense of humor. Why be in a public friendly industry with no personality?

I’m gonna buy this book. “A Thousand Days in Venice: An Unexpected Romance by Marlena De Blasi”

Yup…I’m gonna. I can’t go to Venice and I don’t see any Unexpected Romance in my near future. Wait, I guess she didn’t either….that’s how it works. Either way..this is my next book. YaYa will have to wait.

I just faced the fact that I can’t sing along to my own song. I just can’t do it. It feels like verbal masturbation. Like I think I’m all that. And anyone that knows me knows that’s the opposite of the truth. Complete opposite. Maybe I’ll play my song while I get that tattoo. They say the back of the neck is a tough place to get a tattoo. That it hurts like hell-o! I still have no image. I’m thinking I just want words. “can you become a part of me and ride across the galaxy?” If you’re heard my song and there’s a catch phrase you like in there…lemme know…. Yeah um…ok …I’m done talking about that.

Don’t eat Captain Crunch…read captainron instead. No cavaties, no raw-mouth syndrome. Just ships and water…

I can’t wait ‘til July 12th. How about you?

I'm outta this working joynt at noon. Wahoo... Wait...I'm just goin' home or something. NO I'M NOT. I'm going "winesap" color shopping.

and i have never been afraid of losing
and i have never wanted love to be a chain
i only know that when i'm with you
you're my sunshine, you're my rain
the sweetest thing i've ever known
is loving you
-Juice Newton
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