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Unger zi--ewwwww

Wednesday, Jul. 10, 2002
“Do you have a needle?” – Unger

“no” – Me

“How about a paperclip or a staple?” - Unger

“Uh… Mr… is on the phone for you.” – Me

“Take a message I’m popping a zit" – Unger

(Unger walks out of the room…..comes back a few moments later..)

“How was surgery?” – Me

“Incomplete, I think I’ll have my wife use the power tools at home during lunchtime.” – Unger

Leave it alone, let it fester and grow until it works itself out” – fellow employee

“I can’t do that, it’s like not touching a bomb.” – Unger

(Unger walks out of the room….comes back a few moments later…)

“That was nothing a pair of tweezers and a violent jab with a push pin didn’t fix!” – Unger

(walks away brushing hands against each other)
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