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Friday, Mar. 04, 2005
In the middle of moving today and all of this weekend. The new apartment looks rather good. The dog….well she’s confused and I think she’s scared that we are throwing everything away because she won’t get off of her chair and besides…she’s not humping it she’s just scared. Poor baby…..we’re just moving to a different apartment where if you pee on the floor it’ll be a little bit more ok because it’s all ceramic tile.
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As I was writing this entry and telling Chloe “aww honey it’s ok…really everything’s ok” She did this….
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Now I better go move some of my damn shoes before the man gets home and finds out I’m soleless. I'll figure out how to move the red chair later. :-)

p.s. in Chloe's defense (because her man Chewie reads this!!) she's house trained and only pee's on the floor out of extreme desperation.
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