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Monday, Jan. 28, 2002
I realized something tonight. I need a boy with talent. I need a man with an artistic soul. I need a love that writes itself out on pages after pages of white with colors of pretty. I’ve always wanted it. Always needed it. Always sought after it….always dreamt about that boy.

The first big crush I ever had on a guy was on Bruce Blough back when I was in 7th grade. He was in 9th and he was a bad boy type that played guitar and had long shagadelic hair and wore a black leather jacket that smelled like man. He was cute and I thought he was just the coolest thing I had ever seen. He had a guitar and he played it well….he wrote me a song. I don’t remember how it went but I do remember it made me cry. And I still have that journal I wrote it in. How fucking kewl am I?

Don’t Blame Me

I look into your eyes I know you
Can’t disguise the hurtin’ you feel
I didn’t mean for you to hurt
I only like to flirt
It gets me in trouble sometimes
If only you could see you wouldn’t need me
to make it on your own

Now you think maybe this is just a dream
You’re trying to scream
You just want left alone

Don’t blame me for what your going through
You call me on the phone
You say you’re all alone
It always ends in a fight
Every bloody night

Well what was I suppose to do?
You just couldn’t see
It wasn’t meant to be

But now you’re giving up
Well I hope you find your heart
Then maybe you can start
With someone new again

But don’t blame me for what
Wasn’t meant to happen
Don’t blame me for what
You’re going through

-Bruce Blough

My first love…Steve Diamond….he wrote me a poem too. I kept that one too. Yeah..I’m pretty sicko like that. Check this one out….lol

Perfect Date

I opened my locker to start the day
When a young girl stopped she had something to say
I turned around to find
What she wanted from me
And to my surprise, it was Kristy
She began to speak and call me by name
And before I knew it she asked me to the game
I stood there in awe I was going berserk
Cause I had to tell her that I work
The bell began ringing with the sound of goodbye
I turned toward homeroom floating on Cloud 9

After a period of time
We bagan seeing each other
It wasn’t long after,
I met her sister and brother
We became real close,
And fell in love
It was a special feeling
As if it came from heaven above
Our time together
Is short and limited
But every second we spend
Will always be remembered
Christmas was special too,
We were both there
It made me realize
We were the perfect pair
My love has grown
And its all for her
It’s a good thing she stopped to talk
At my locker
I didn’t know love
Would be this great
Kristy turned out
To be my perfect date

They were the boys that taught me the power of words….how they could last forever…. I think I’ve been looking for another boy that could make me feel like that ever since.

The odd thing to me is husband wrote me a poem on our first date….I have no clue what it was about….and I don’t have a copy of it written down anywhere…..strange how these things happen….

I’ve had stuff written for me since….it’s always the boy that writes for me that makes my toes curl….the boys like Mad Prophet….that cause something inside of me….like fireflies in the woods on a summer night….

Words….are they really just words???


Why don't you write me
I'm out in the jungle
I'm hungry to hear you.
Send me a card,
I am waiting so hard
To be near you.

-simon and garfunkel
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