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Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2002
I keep trying to see reasons for going and just to keep going seems impossible right now. I canít sleep, eat or think clearly. I canít remember where I put things, I can barely remember what it is Iím supposed to do next. I am a walking zombie.

Ironically I lost my watch.

Time doesnít seem to matter anyway. Time is another day to feel pain.

I donít want to take anything with me. I just want a bed to die in.

Iím trying not to fall down, but itís so impossible when being pushed so violently.

You, the one that made that phone call to him months ago, call me, tell me who you are, give me a reason. 727-492-3135


I Took Out All The Pictures Of Our Wedding Day
It Was A Time Of Love And Laughter
Happy Ever After
But Even Those Old Pictures Have Begun To FadeÖ

-Dixie Chicks

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