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Thursday, Oct. 17, 2002
Have you ever just wanted to go somewhere where no one knew who you were so that you could just reinvent yourself and not have to explain your past or your present? Do you ever get tired of people looking at you but through you, beyond you because they can’t see you? Has anyone ever said, “I understand”, when you know there’s no way that they do? How about this…has anyone ever told you that this too shall pass and you know it’s true because everything passes into something far more horrific than the last event? Do you know what it’s like to not want to make a decision because you know it’s about to be the biggest one you’ve ever been faced with? Knowing you have to make a decision like that, have you ever just him hawed around buying yourself enough time to torture yourself into a decision? Do you know what it’s like to negotiate with the devil? Have you ever sat in the dark looking at the only other soul on earth that you love and known that you might just have to let them go for a while? Do you feel alone?

I do.
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