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Sunday, May. 29, 2005
I almost bought a book recently that I already owned. Imagine that! I have a lot of books. I cohabitate with the man (he's priceless for living with all my books with me!!!), a little tiny dog (the infamous min pin Chloe'ness), two fish (Lucille & Ricardo), and 690 books!!! Crazyyy…. I need FAA. Hello my name is Kristy and it has been three days since my last book purchase….my Amazon wishlist is STILL 15 pages long and yes these are all of "MY" books…..

*to all the authors that will google their book title or their name....*please note* do not title your next book with "The" anything...no more "THE'S" please!!!!

13 Little Blue Envelopes - Maureen Johnson
25th Hour - David Benioff
26a - Diana Evans
3- Julie Hilden
84, Charing Cross Road - Helene Hanff
A certain age - Tama Janowitz
A clockwork orange - Anthony Burgess
A complicated kindness - Miriam Toews
A Confederacy of Dunces - John Kennedy Toole
A cup of Tea- Amy Ephron
A Densiy of Souls - Christopher Rice
A disturbance in one place - Binnie Kirshenbaum
A few Short notes on Tropical Butterflies - John Murray
A garden in paris - Stephanie Grace Whitson
A Garden of Earthly Delights - Joyce Carol Oates
A girl becomes a comma like that - Lisa Glatt
A girl could stand up - Leslie Marshall
A heartbreaking work of genius - Dave Eggers
A hole in the heart - Christopher Marquis
A Home at the End of the World - Michael Cunningham
A kiss from Maddalena - Christopher Castellani
A Long stay in a Distant Land - Chieh Chieng
A mad world, my masters - John Simpson
A Mango-Shaped Space - Wendy Mass
A million little pieces - James Frey
A mouth like yours - Daniel Duane
A much younger man - Dianne Highbridge
A night without armour - Jewel
A river of Summer - Lois Gilbert
A rock against the wind - African American Poems
A Sack of Teeth - Grant Buday
A secret word - Jennifer Paddock
A ship made of paper - Scott Spencer
A short history of tractors in Ukrainian - Marina Lewycka
A Slipping Down Life - Anne Tyler
A thing (or two) about curtis and camilla - Nick Fowles
A thousand days in Tuscany - Marlena De Blasi
A Time for Dancing - Davida Willis Hurwin
A trip to the Beach - Blanchards
A widow for a year - John Irving
A Wild Sheep Chase - Haruki Murakami
A year and a day - Leslie Pietrzyk
A Year by the Sea - Joan Anderson
Accidents in the Home - Tessa Hadley
Addicted - Zane
After - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
After you'd gone - Maggie O'Farrell
Ahab's wife - Sena Jeter Naslund
Alices Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
Alison's Automotive Repair Manual - Brad Barkley
All on a Mardi Gra Day - Reid Mitchell
All Over But the Shoutin' - Rick Bragg
All Rivers Flow to the Sea - Alison McGhee
All that Matters - Jan Goldstein
All the Sundays yet to come - Kathryn Bertine
Almost French - Sarah Turnbull
Aloft - Chang-Rae Lee
Alone - Lisa Gardner
Ambivalence - John Donatich
American Psycho - Brett Eaton Ellis
American the Beautiful - Moon Unit Zappa
Amrita - Banana oshimoto
Amsterdam - Ian McEwan
Amy and Isabelle - Elizabeth Strout
An almost perfect moment - Binnie Kirshenbaum
An Egg on three sticks - Jackie Moyer Fischer
An Innocent Abroad - Ann Leary
An invisible sign of my own - Aimee Bender
An Italian Affair - Laura Fraser
And Now you can go - Vendela Vida
Angela's Ashes - Frank McCourt
Angels - Marian Keyes
Animal Husbandry - Laura Zigman
Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy
April Witch - Majgull Axelsson
Aqua Erotica - 18 stories
Are you somebody? - Nuala O'Faolain
As Hot as it was you ought to thank me - Nanci Kincaid
As I lay dying - William Faulkner
Ask me Anything - Francesca Delbanco
Atonement - Ian McEwan
Avoiding Prison and other noble vacation goals - Wendy Dale
Awake - Elizabeth Graver
Awaken the Giant Within - Anthony Robbins
Back when we were grownups - Anne Tyler
Backpack - Emily Barr
Bad Girl - Michelle Jaffe
Baker Towers - Jennifer Haigh
Banishing Verona - Margot Livesey
Bear me safely over - sheri joseph
Beautiful Losers - Leonard Cohen
Bee Season - Myla Goldberg
Before you know kindness - Chris Bohjalian
Bella Tuscany - Frances Mayes
Best Friends - Martha Moody
Beynd the Pale - Elana Dykewoman
Big Love - Sarah Dunn
Billy Dead - Lisa Reardon
Bird by Bird - Anne Lamont
Bitch (in praise of difficult women) Elizabeth Wurtzel
Blackbox - Nick Walker
Blood Done Sign my Name - Timothy B. Tyson
Blood Sugar - Nicole Blackman
Blue Shoe - Anne Lamott
Blue Suburbia - Laurie Lico Albanese
Bombardiers - Po Bronson
Boonville - Robert Mailer Anderson
Booty Nomad - Scott Mebus
Boundaries in Dating - Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
Bread Alone - Judith Ryan Hendricks
Break it down - Lydia Davis
Brick Lane - Monica Ali
Bridget Jones Diary - Helen Fielding
Brief Intervals of Horrible Sanity - Elizabeth Gold
Brother and Sister - Joanna Trollope
Bump - Diana Wagman
Burning Bright - Helen Dunmore
By the Light of My Father's Smile - Alice Walker
By the shore - Galaxy Craze
Candy - Mian Mian
Caramba! - Marie Martinez
Caramello - Sandra Cisneros
Casa Rossa - Marciano
Case Histories - Kate Atkinson
Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys - Eric Garcia
Cassandra Lost - Joanna Catherine Scott
Celeste Ascending - Kaylie Jones
C'est La Vie - Suzy Gershman
Chemical Pink - Katie Arnoldi
Child of my Heart - Alice McDermott
Chinese Takeout - Arthur Nersesian
Chocoalate - Joanne Harris
Chocolate Chilli Pepper Love - Becky Freeman
Choke - Chuck Palahniuk
Christopher - Allison Burnett
Citizen Girl - Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Claire Marvel - John Burnham Schwartz
Coffee & Kung Fu - Karen Brichoux
Cold Pursuit - T. Jefferson Parker
Come Closer - Sara Gran
Comfort Woman - Noral Okja Keller
Confessions of a Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella
Confessions of a Slacker Wife - Muffy Mead-Ferro
Cornucopia - Molly Peacock
Courtney Love - the real story - Poppy Z Brite
Cranberry Queen - Kathleen Demarco
Crank - Ellen Hopkins
Crescent - Diana Abu-Jaber
Crossing California - Adamn Langer
Cunt a declaration of independence
Cupid and Diana - Christina Bartolomeo
D' la bienvenida a la exposicion Extrana - Daniel Mauro
Daily Mediations for Dieters
Dance Dance Dance - Haruki Murakami
Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn - Kris Radish
Dancing on Thorns - Rebecca Horsfall
Darjeeling - Bharti Kirchner
Dark Fields of the Republic - Adrienne Rich
Dating is murder - Harley Jane Kozak
Dating without novacain - Lisa Cach
Daughters Keeper - Ayelet Waldman
Dear Zoe - Philip Beard
Dirt Music - Tim Winton
Disturbances in the Field - Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood - Rebecca Wells
Dogrun - Arthur Nersesian
Don't Move - Margaret Mazzantini
Double Stitch - John Rolfe Gardiner
Dreams and Rescues - Laura Shane Cunningham
Dude, where's my country? - Michael Moore
Duh-Votions - Sue Buchanan
Eating Heaven - Jennie Shortridge
Ecstasy - Irvine Welsh
Eighty-SixedDavid B. Feinberg
Empire Falls - Richard Russo
Empire Falls - Richard Russo
Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life - Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Endangered Species - Louis Bayard
Escaping into the open - Elizabeth Berg
Evening - Susan Minot
Evening News - Marly Swick
Everything is Illuminated - Jonathon Safran Foer
Eve's Apple - Jonathan Rosen
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Annie Hawes
Extremely Loud and Incredible Close - Jonathan Safran Foer
Eye Scream - Henry Rollins
Fact, Fiction and Blatent Lies - Gary Ian Hoare
Faithful - David Levitt
Faithless - Joyce Carol Oats
Fake Liar Cheat - Tod Goldberg
Family History - Dani Shapiro
Fat White Vampire Blues - Andrew Fox
Fatima's Good Fortune - J & G Dryansky
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson
Feather Crowns - Bobbie Ann Mason
Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk
Finding your own North Star - Martha Beck
Fiona Range - Mary McGarty Morris
First Love - Adrianne Sharp
Five Seasons -A.B. Yehoshua
Flaming Iquanas - Erika Lopez
Flinch - Robert Ferrigno
Flip Flopped - Jill Smolinski
Flying in Place - Susan Palwick
For Fucks Sake - Robert Lasner
For Matrimonial Purposes - Kavita Daswani
Force of Gravity - R.S. Jones
Four Blondes - Candance Bushnell
Fox Girl - Nora Okja Keller
From Porn to Poetry - Indigo and Peters
Full Frontal Fiction - Murnighan and Field
Gap Creek - Robert Morgan
Generation X - Karen Karbo
Getting over it - Anna Maxted
Girl Cook - Hanna McCouch
Girl Talk - Julianna Baggot
Girl walking backwards - Bett Williams
Girlfriend 44 - Mark Barrowcliffe
Girls - Nic Kelman
Giving up America - Pearly Abraham
Giving up the Ghost - Hilary Mantel
Glamorama - Bret Easton Ellis
Glory goes and gets some - Emily Carter
Go west young fucked up chick - Rachel Resnick
Going Down - Jennifer Belle
Going to the Sun - James McManus
Gold by the Inch - Lawrence Chua
Good Grief - Lolly Winston
Good hair - Benide Little
Good in Bed - Jennifer Warner
Goodnight Steve McQqueen - Louise Wener
Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
Half born Woman - V. Diane Woodbrown
Hangover Soup - Loise Redd
Harvesting the Moon - Jodi Picoult
Heart, You Bully, You Punk - Leah Hager Cohen
Heavier than Heaven - Chris R. Cross
Heights of the Marvelous - Todd Colby
Hello Life - Andrea Koenig
Here Kitty Kitty - Jardine Libaire
Hey Nostradamus - Douglas Copeland
Hidden - Paul Jaskunas
Hideous Kinky - Esther Freud
High Maintenance - Jennifer Belle
His Bright Light - Danielle Steel
Holidays on Ice - David Sedaris
Hope - Glen Duncan
Hoping for Hope - Lucy Clare
House - Tracy Kidder
House of Sand and Fog - Andre Dubus III
House of Women - Lynn Freed
Housekeeping - Marilyn Robinson
How the light gets in - M.I.Hyland
How to heal the hurt by hating - Anita Liberty
How to write a damn good novel - James N. Frey
Hula - Lisa Shea
Hunger Point - Jillian Medoff
Hungry - Joanna Torrey
Hunting Unicorns - Bella Pollen
Husband and Wife - Zeruya Shalev
Hypocrite in a pouffy white dress - Susan Jane Gilman
I and Claudius - Clare De Vries
I don't know how she does it - Allison Pearson
I was a teenage dominitrix - Shawna Kenny
I'd rather laugh - Linda Richman
Idewild - Nick Sagan
If nobody speaks of remarkable things - Jon Mcgregor
If you can talk you can write - Joel Saltzman
I'll go to bed at Noon - Gerard Woodward
Imaginary Men - Anjali Banerjee
Important things that don't matter - David Amsden
In a country of mothers - A.M. Homes
In a Dark Wood - Amanda Craig
In Her Shoes - Jennifer Warner
In My Sisters Country - Lise Haines
In perfect Light - Benjamin Alre Saenz
In Search of Captian Zoo - Allan C. Weisbecker
In the drink - Kate Christensen
In the Eye of the Sun - Ahdaf Soueif
In the Palm of your hand - Steve Kowit
In the River Sweet - Patricia Henley
In the River Sweet - Patricia Henley
Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace
Innapropriate Men - Stacey Ballis
Inspired Sleep -Robert Cohen
Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa Lahiri
Into the Great Wide Open - Kevin Canty
Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk
Isle of Palms - Dorothea Benton Frank
It Must've Been Something I ate - Jeffrey Steingarten
Jennifer Government - Max Berry
Jimmy and Rita - Kim Addonizio
Joe Jones - Anne Lamott
Joy School - Elizabeth Berg
Joyful Desires - Erotica
Julie & Julia - Julie Powell
Juniper Tree Burning - Goldberry Long
K: The art of Love - Hong Ying
Karma Manual - Dr. John Mumford
Keeping the Moon - Sarah Dessen
Kelly & Victor - Niall Griffiths
Kill Me First - Kate Morgenworth
Kinship Theory - Hester Kaplan
Kiss My Tiara - Susan Jane Gilman
Kitchen- Banana Yoshimoto
Knee Deep in Wonder - April Reynolds
Koolaids: The Art of War - Rabih Alameddine
Learning to Float - Lili Wright
Leonard Cohen Selected Poems
Let Us Eat Cake - Sharon Boorstin
Liars and Saints - Maile Melody
Lies of the Saints - Erin McGraw
Life after death - Carol Muse-Dukes
Lipshtick - Gwen Macsai
Lithium for Medea- Braverman
Little Earthquakes - Jennifer Weiner
Living Dead Girl - Tod Goldberg
Lizard - Banana Yoshimoto
Lizzie's War - Tim Farrington
Long for this World - Michael Byers
Losing the Moon - Patti Callahan Henry
Lost in the Forest - Sue Miller
Love in the Time of Chlolera - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Love Invents - Amy Bloom
Love is Hard Work - Miquel Algarin
Love Junkie - Robert Plunket
Love warps the mind a little - John Dufresne
Lucky - Alice Sebold
Lucky Strike - Nancy Zafris
Lunch - Karen Moline
Mad Girls in Love - Michael Lee West
Maggie Darling - James Howard Kunstler
Making it up as I go along - Maria T. Lennon
Mall - Eric Bogosian
Man and Boy - Tony Parsons
Mapping the EdgeSarah Dunant
Maps for Lost Lovers - Nadeem Aslam
Marabo Stork Nightmar - Irvine Welsh
March - Geraldine Brooks
Margarettown - Gabrielle Zevin
Martha Inc - Christopher Byron
Mary After All - Bill Gordon
Me and the Fat Man - Julie Myerson
Meetings with the archangels - Stephen Mitchell
Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden
Men and Cartoons - Jonathan Lethem
Men and other Mammals - Jim Keeble
Men Seeking Women (love and sex online) - Anthology
Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides
Midnight Butterfly - Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
Milk Treading - Nick Smith
Milkrun - Sarah Mlynowski
Misadventures in the (213) - Dennis Hennsley
Miss Wyoming - Douglas Copeland
Modoc - Ralph Helfer
Moon Tide - Dawn Clifton Tripp
More than they could chew - Rob Roberge
More than you know - Beth Gutcheon
Morningside Heights - Cheryl Mendelson
Mounting Desire - Nina Killham
Mourning Baby - Helen Dunmore
Mr. Maybe - Jane Green
Music minus one - Jane Shore
My Backwards Life - Cindi Myers
My 'Dam Life - Sean Condon
My Dream of You - Nuala O'Faolain
My Friend Leonard - James Frey
My Lovers Lover - Maggie O'Farrell
My name is light - Elsa Osorio
My therapist said - Hal Sirowitz
Naked Lunch - William S. Burroughs
Namesake - Jhumpa Lahiri
Necessary Madness- Jenn Crowell
Never change - Elizabeth Berg
Nevermind Nirvana - Mark Lindquist
Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
Nickel and Dimed - Barbara Ehrenreich
Nightswimmer - Joseph Olshan
Nina: Adolescense - Amy Hassinger
Nine Below Zero - Kevin Canty
Nora Jane - Ellen Gilchrist
Nymphomation - Jeff Noon
Oh the Glory of it All - Sean Wilsey
On a night like this - Ellen Sussman
On Beauty - Zadie Smith
On Rue Tatin - Susan Herrman Loomis
On the Road - Jack Kerouac
On Writing - Stephen King
Once in a House on Fire - Andrea Ashworth
Open house - Elizabeth Berg
Operating Instructions - Anne Lamott
Ordinary Life - Elizabeth Berg
Osprey Island - Thisbe Nissen
Other People's Dirt - Louise Rafkin
Our Father who art in a tree - Judy Pascoe
Our Noise - Jeff Gomez
Out - Natsuo Kirino
Out of the Girls room and Into the Night - Thisbe Nissen
Over His Dead Body - Leslie Glass
Painless Algebra -Barrons
Painless Grammar
Paperback Original - William Rhode
Paradise - Molly Peacock
Paris to the Moon - Adam Gopnik
Pastries - Bharti Kirchner
Pattern Recognition - William Gibson
People I wanted to be - Gina Ochsner
Plan B - Jonathan Tropper
Please - Peter Darbyshire
Poemcrazy - Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge
Poetry after 9/11 - An anthology of New York Poets
Poetry Nation - Cabico & Swift
Point last seen - Hanna Nyala
Posession - A.S. Byatt
Posession - Angela Ball
Pour your heart into it - Howard Schultz
Prozac and the New Antidepressants
Prozac Nation - Elizabeth Wurtzel
Purple Hibiscus - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Quietus - Vivian Schilling
Range of Motion - Elizabeth Berg
Rapture - David Sosnowski
Raymond & Hannah - Stephen Marche
Rebel with a Cause - John Sperling
Reckless Driver - Lisa Vice
Red Dragon - Thomas Harris
Reflections for Ragamuffins - Brennan Manning
Reflections on a gift of watermelon pickle - stephen dunning
Revenge of the Paste Eaters - Cheryl Peck
Riding with the Queen - Jennie Shortridge
Ringing for you - Anouchka Grose Forrester
Road Fever - Tim Cahill
Robbing the Bees - Holly Bishop
Rules of the Wild - Francesca Marciano
Run with the Hunted - Charles Buckowski
Runaway: diary of a street kid - Evelyn Lau
Running with Scissors - Augusten Burroughs
Ruslan - Barbara Scrupski
Saul and Patsy - Charles Baxter
Savage Love - Dan Savage
Save Karyn - Karyn Bosnak
Saving St. Germ - Carol Muske Dukes
Say Uncle - Kay Ryan
Scream when you burn - Caffeine Magazine
Secrets of a Freelance writer - Robert Bly
Secrets of a very good marriage - Sherry Suib Cohen
See Jane Date - Melissa Senate
Servant of the Bones - Ann Rice
Serving Crazy with Curry - Amulya Malladi
Seven Types of Ambiguity - Elliot Perlman
Seven Types of Ambiguity - Elliot Perlman
Sex and Sunsets - Tim Sandlin
Sex and the City - Candace Bushnell
Shanghai Baby - Wei Hui
She - Saul Williams
She's Come Undone - Wally Lamb
She's Not there - Jennifer Finney Boylan
Shipwreck - Louis Begley
Sightseeing - Rattawut Lapcharoensap
Since you ask - Louise Wareham
Single Wife - Nina Soloman
Sister North - Jim Kokoris
Skin - Kathe Koja
Sky Bridge - Laura Pritchett
Slammerkin - Emma Donoghue
Slave to Fashion - Rebecca Campbell
Slaves of New York - Tama Janowitz
Sleeping with random Beasts - Karin Goodwin
Sleepwalking - Julie Myerson
Slightly Single - Wendy Markham
Slow Dancing - Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
Smart Girls do dumbbells - Judith Sherman-Wolin
Smart Women - Judy Blume
Snow - Orhan Pamuk
Snow White - Donald Barthelme
Snowed in - Christina Bartolomeo
Soledad - Angie Cruz
Something Might Happen - Julie Myerson
Song of the seals - Christy Yorke
Soul Kiss - Shay Youngblood
Spanish Lessons - Derek Lamberts
Speaking with the angel - Nick Hornsby
Spending - Mary Gordon
Spilling Open - Sabrina Ward Harrison
Star Light Sar Bright - Katherine Stone
Step Ball Change - Jeanne Ray
Stiff - Mary Roach
Still Holding - Bruce Wagner
Stolen Figs - Mark Rotella (signed)
Storm Rider - Akira Yoshimura
Suicide Casanova - Arthur Nersesian
Summer Sisters - Judy Blume
Sunburn Lake - Tom De Haven
Sunlight and Shadow - Sue Boggio and Mare Pearl
Surprise Delivery - Susan Mallery
Swann's Way - Marcel Proust
Sweet and Crazy - Patty Dann
Sweet Remedy - Linda Phillips Ashour
Symptomatic - Danzy Senna
Table for Five - Susan Wiggs
Tagbook the bolt book of questions and answers
Taking Lives - Michael Pye
Tales from the Scale - Erin J. Shea
Talk Before Sleep - Elizabeth Berg
The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player - John C. Maxwell
The Alphabet Sisters - Monica McInerney
The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn - Janis Hallowell
The answer is yes - Sara Lewis
The Anxiety of Everyone - Aurelie Sheehan
The Arms of God - Lynn Hinton
The Art of Drowing - Billy Collins
The Art of Uncontrolled Flight - Kim Ponders
The Autograph Man - Zadie Smith
The Bachelor's Cat - L.F. Hoffman
The Bachlorette Party - Karen McCullah Lintz
The Beach - Alex Garland
The Beautiful Losers - Leonard Cohen
The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
The best a man can get - John O'Farrell
The best american erotica 2000 - Susie Bright
The Best of Nerve.com
The Big House - George Howe Colt
The Big Love - Sarah Dunn
The Big Picture - Kennedy
The Birth of Venus - Sarah Durant
The Blind Assassin - Margaret Atwood
The Blue Bedspread - Raj KamalJha
The Book of Saints - Nino Ricci
The boys of my youth - Jo Ann Beard
The Bride Stripped Bare - Anonymous
The Broke Diaries - Angela Nissel
The bullfighter checks her makeup - Susan Orlean
The Calligrapher - Edward Docx
The Center of Everything - Laura Moriarty
The Chin kiss King - Ana Veciana-Suarz
The collect call of the wild - Bob Holman
The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen
The Country Life - Rachel Cusk
The Courage to be a Single Mother - Ellison
The Creativity Book - Eric Maisel
The Crimson Petal and the White - Michel Faber
The Culting of Brands - Douglas Atkin
The curious incident of the dog in the night time - Mark Haddon
The day I turned uncool - Dan Zevin
The death of Vishnu - Manil Suri
The devil wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger
The Dew Breaker - Edwidge Danticat
The Distance Between Us - Maggie O'Farrell
The Dive from Clausen's Pier - Ann Packer
The Edge of Reason - Helen Fielding
The Edible Woman - Margaret Atwood
The elegant gatherng of white snows - Kris Radish
The Enchantment of Lily Dahl - Siri Nasivedi
The End of the Affair - Graham Greene
The English Patient - Michael Ondaatje
The Epicure's Lament - Kate Christensen
The Erotica Project - Liliian Ann Sluocki and Erin Cressida Wilson
The Executioners Song - Norman Mailer
The Exes - Pagan Kennedy
The Eye of the Tiger - Wilbur Smith
The Fall - Simon Mawer
The Family Tree - Carole Cadwalladr
The First $20 Million is always the hardest - Po Bronson
The five people you meet in heaven - Mitch Albom
The Foreigner - Meg Castaldo
The Forever Year - Ronald Anthony
The Four Agreements - Don Miquel Ruiz
The Frog King - Adam Davies
The Gift of the Pirate Queen - Patricia Reilly Giff
The girl in the flammable skirt - Aimee Bender
The God of small things - Arundhati Roy
The Golems of Gotham - Thane Rosenbaum
The Good Life - Eric McGraw
The Good Mother - Sue Miller
The Good Patient - Kristin Waterfield Duisberg
The Good People of New York - Thisbe Nissen
The Good Sister - Diana Diamond
The Good Wife - Elizabeth Buchan
The Gravity of the Sunlight - Rosa Shand
The haiku year
The heart is as deceitful thing - J.T. Leroy
The Hiding Place - Trezza Azzopardi
The hottest state - Ethan Hawke
The Hours - Michael Cunningham
The House in Morocco - Rosalind Brackenberry
The Hundredth Man - Jack Kerley
The Informers - Bret Easton Ellis
The Jane Austen Book Club - Karen Joy Fowler
The Journey from Abandonment to Healing - Susan Anderson
The Kiss - Kathryn Davis
The Lady, the Chef, and the Courtesan - Marisol
The Language of Baklava
The Language of Goodbye - Maribeth Fischer
The Laws of Invisible Things - Frank Huyler
The Liars Club - Mary Karr
The life before her eyes - Laura Kasischke
The Light of Falling Stars - J. Robert Lemon
The lightning of Empowerment
The Little Prince - Antoine De Saint-Exupery
The Lost Mother - Mary McGarry Morris
The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold
The Lucky Ones - Rachel Cusk
The Mammoth Cheese - Sheri Holman
The man I should have married - Pamela Redmond Satran
The Map of Love - Ahdaf Soueif
The mark of the Angel - Nancy Huston
The Memory Keepers Daughter - Kim Edwards
The Mercy of Thin Air - Ronlyn Domonigue
The Mermaid Chair - Sue Monk Kidd
The Metaphysical Touch - Sylvia Brownrigg
The Method Actors - Carl Shuker
The missing world - Margot Livesly
The mistressclass - Michele Roberts
The Monk Downstairs -Tim Farrington
The Nanny Diaries - Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
The Nightspinners - Lucretia Wlash Grindle
The Nudist on the Late Shift - Po Bronson
The Number we end up with - Beth Goldner
The Odd Sea - Frederick Reiken
The Opposite Shore - Maryanne Stahl
The Opposite Shore - Maryanne Stahl
The Pact - Jodi Picoult
The Perfect Play - Louise Werner
The perks of being a wallflower - Stephen Chosky
The Place you return to is home - Kirsty Gunn
The Pull of the Moon - Elizabeth Berg
The Pursuit of Alice Thrift - Elinor Lipman
The Pyscho Ex Game - Merrill Markoe & Andy Prieboy
The Quality of Life Report - Meghan Daum
The ragamuffin gospel - Brennan Manning
The Red Devil - Katherine Russell Rich
The Rich Part of Life - Jim Kokoris
The Road Home - Eliza Thomas
The Romance Reader - Pearl Abraham
The rules of seduction - Daniel L. Magida
The Russian Debutante's Handbook - Gary Shteyngart
The Sad Truth About Happiness - Anne Giardini
The Scoundrel - Stephan Jaramillo
The Sea of Tears - Nani Power
The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch - Marsha Moyer
The Secret History - Donna Tartt
The secret History of the Pink Carnation - Lauren Willig
The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd
The Seven Sisters - Margaret Drabble
The Sisterhood of the traveling Pants - Ann Brashares
The Sleeping Father - Matthew Sharpe
The Slghtly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley - Arthur A. Levine
The Snow Garden - Christopher Rice
The songs of the kings - Barry Unsworth
The Starter Marriage - Kate Harrison
The Statue of Liberty is Cracking Up - Curran/Wetton
The Story of Jane - Catherine Cusset
The Sweep of the Second Hand - Dean Monti
The Territory of Men - Joelle Fraser
The Torn Skirt - Rebecca Godfrey
The Trials of Tiffany Trott - Isabel Wolff
The Tribes of Palos Verdes - Joy Nicholson
The True & Outstanding Adv of the Hunt Sisters - Elisabeth Robinson
The Underacheivers Diary - Benjamin Anastas
The Usual Rules - Joyce Maynard
The Vagina Monolotues - Eve Ensler
The Vanishing - Tim Krabbe
The Virgin Suicides - Jeffrey Eugenides
The wanderer - Bob Casey
The waterworks - E.L. Doctorow
The way the crow flies - Ann-Marie MacDonald
The Weight of Nothing - Steven Gillis
The wholeness of a broken heart - Katie Singer
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami
The Wishbones - Tom Perrotta
The Wishing Box - Slater
The Woman from Hamburg - Hanna Krall
The Wonder Spot - Melissa Bank
The Working Poor - David K. Shipler
The World Below - Sue Miller
There's a hole in the sidewalk - Portia Nelson
These Granite Islands - Sarah Stonich
They call me mad dog - Erika Lopez
They whisper - Robert Olen Butler
Thin Skin - Emma Forrest
This Body - Laurel Dodd
Three Junes - Julia Glass
Through te Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll
To Be Someone - Louise Voss
Tokyo Cancelled - Rana Dasguta
Too Beautiful for you - Rod Liddle
Too Much Temptation - Lori Foster
Towelhead - Alicia Erian
Trading Up - Candace Bushnell
Trainspotting - Irvine Welsh
Transgressions - Sarah Dunant
Trans-sister Radio - Chris Bohjalian
Troublemaker - Christina Chiu
Truck Stop Rainbows - Pekarkova
True Story - Michael Fink
True to Form - Elizabeth Berg
Tunnel Vision - Keith Lowe
Under the Tuscan Sun - Frances Mayes
Undressing the Moon - Tammy Greenwood
Unraveled - Maria Housden
Ursula, Under - Ingrid Hill
Valentine Place - David Lehman
Vanilla Beans and Brodo - Isabella Dusi
Vanishing Act - Jodi Picoult
Veronica - Nicholas Christopher
Verses that Hurt - Jordan and Amy Trachtenberg
Void of Course - Jim Carroll
Voluntary Madness - Vicki Hendricks
Vox - Nicholson Baker
Waiting for Childhood - Summer Locke Elliott
Waking Beauty - Elyse Freidman
Warp - Lev Grossman
Water Carry Me - Thomas Moran
We need to talk about Kevin - Lionel Shriver
Well - Matthew McIntoch
What are you like? - Anne Enright
What Harry Saw - Thomas Moran
What looks like Cracy on an ordinary day - Pearl Cleage
What she saw - Lucinda Rosenfeld
What Should I do with my Life? - Po Bronson
What we don’t know about children - Simona Vinci
What we Keep - Elizabeth Berg
Whats the girl worth? - Christina Fitzpatrick
When Butterflies Kiss
When did you stop loving me? - Veronica Chambers
Where is the Mango Princess? - Cathy Crimmins
Where Love Goes - Joyce Maynard
Where she went - Kate Walbert
Whispers - Belva Plain
White Oleander - Janet Fitch
Who's Hot Who's Not - Sherwood Kirby
Why Did I ever?Mary Robison
Why Girls are Weird - Pamela Ribbon
Wicketts Remedy - Myla Goldberg
Wild Animals - Rich Shapero
Willful Creatures - Amy Bender
Winging it - Elizabeth Tippens
Wings in the snow - John Oliver
Winnie the Pooh - A. A. Milne
Wish you were here - Stewart O'Nan
Without Reservations - Alice Steinbach
Wonder When you'll miss me - Amanda Davis
Writing Great Essays - McClain & Roth
Writing on the water - Jane Slavin
Writing to save your life - Michele Weldon
X20- a novel about not smoking - Richard Beard
Yellow - Janni Visman
You can't get there from here - Garyle Forman
You shall know our velocity - Dave Eggers
Your Best year yet ! - Jinny S. Ditzer

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