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1st anniversary

Monday, Nov. 27, 2006
We celebrated our first wedding anniversary by doing a whole lot of nothing. I took today off to add an additional day off to my Thanksgiving vacation. We went to Randy and Chrissyís for Thanksgiving where I promptly did not take my camera. It was a nice time, but we did sit for about 4 hours and didnít eat until 9 p.m., which would have been greatly improved had someone told us the overall plans. But alas no one did. Keith was with me for the last 4 days and we had a great time spending all of his 14th birthday money he received from Rick and I. Between me, Rick and my grandma the kid had $230 to spend. Heís all about buying his own clothes and heís quite particular so I just let him do as he pleased. It was nice to spend that much time having him around. Last night after he left I realized how empty things sometimes feel around here. No mess on my bathroom counter, no clothes strewn about on the floor and couch and no real hint that I have a child at all. Itís an odd feeling to go from being full time Mom for days on end to Ö.toÖ.silenceÖ.abyssÖabsence. Iíve gotten used to it, or so I thinkÖand then it happens again and Iím hit like a ton of bricks again. Itís hard to explain.

Iím downloading happy Beatles songs and enjoying the sunshine today. Iíve been so extremely tired and busy lately with school that I rarely have time to write and when I do I opt to flip channels on the TV in a comatose state instead. Itís horrible really. Recently I was thinking about how much time I used to devote and spend writing lyrics, poetry and fiction. And nowÖnowÖnothing. Itís sad really. Iím grateful if I can manage to shove my Ipod headphones on at work and enjoy music during the workday. I do manage to spend at least an hour a day reading for pleasure. Currently Iím in an economics class that is kicking my ass. Iím getting an A so far, but the content is unfamiliar to me. I can say I loath GDP, Supply and Demand and economic indicators. Gah..suckage. I donít plan on working in economics but I suppose itís god to know these things to be an overall knowledgeable person. Knowledge is power, but power to do what with economics? Not sure.

I really want to tackle ďInfinite JestĒ soon. Itís been nagging me. I was thinking that it would be a great thing to finally overcome this book. Itís not thaaat big. Ok ok so it is massive and scary to me. I have trouble holding the damn thing let alone reading it too. But Carla convinced me (almost) that if she can manage a book that is 100 pages shorter I can surely overcome this fear of this book. I

So part of celebrating the first anniversaryÖÖwe pulled our frozen wedding cake out and ate a piece. It was surprisingly good. Where does this tradition of eating oneís wedding cake a year later come from? Iíve been told itís for good luck. I can tell you that I didnít even like, remember or eat much of my first wedding cake. It was yellow, bought by his mother and was hideously gross. This year when I pulled out the cake I got quite choked up because it was nearly perfect and it was like pulling that day out of a memory box and rejoicing in it. It was great and Iím glad I did it.

Wedding cake a year later....missing the topper...

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