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Tuesday, Apr. 09, 2002
25 things no one wanted to know anyways

1. Iím going to buy that Lolita book.
2. Iím waiting for someone to get a surprise.
3. I own more books that I havenít read yet than books that I have read.
4. I havenít written any poetry in so long that I think I canít do it anymore.
5. My stereo just broke and Iím pissed about it.
6. I want to buy a new vehicle, a Jeep, husband says I have to wait a month.
7. My muffler fell off my car today.
8. A male christian stopped to help because of my ďGot Jesus?Ē sticker. (I got a new oneÖ)
9. Mrs. Cleaver always said she was a Christian.
10. My favorite quote ďItís not that I donít want you to have it, its more that I want you to come get itĒ.
11. I have virtually stopped dieting and I havenít gained any weight back.
12. I finally got the lid off my Volupteí perfume I got from ďhimĒ on Valentines Day and now Iím addicted to it.
13. I absolutely love the Jacuzzi bathtub in the house weíre currently living in, but I hate that I canít use bubble bath and the jets at the same time.
14. Iím really pissed at myself because itís already April and I havenít begun to write my novel.
15. Iím failing at all my goals for this year.
16. Mostly all I want to ever drink is Chai tea.
17. I havenít bought any new CDís for at least a month or more and this is sad!
18. My car has no air conditioningÖ..this is atrocious where I live!
19. I should be losing weight from sweating so much, but Iím not. ;-(
20. I keep wondering when I can post the ďafterĒ pictures of myself, I have a huge collection of ďbeforeĒ though.
21. That Volupteí perfume really smells soooo good.
22. I wish someone had pulled over to help me with my muffler problem and said it was because I was beautifulÖnot because of my Jesus sticker.
23. The long skirt I have on is two sizes too big, but it doesnít matter because I sit down all day.
24. I am bored.
25. I want to go home.
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