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Saturday, Jun. 29, 2002
3 things…

1. He just called.
2. I’m a dork
3. He said, “I was hoping you didn’t give up on me”

I feel so happily stupid. And so extremely lucky that I found a boy that has the same sense of impending doom that I cope with. He gets me, because if I were a boy I would be just like him. I am just like him. And I can’t wait. Like the dork that I am I said…

“I have overalls on and I don’t wanna draw attention…what should I wear?” He said, “Anything, I’ll like you either way.”

I’m bouncing off the walls. His acceptance brings “jenny moment” tears to my eyes. If your up at 1 a.m. say a prayer for me….cross your fingers for me and say a big prayer. I really just want to thank him for things I can’t even put into words.
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