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I am consistently sad about one thing.... although i never show it deep down inside sub-consciously but obviously consciously (eh?) I am sad mainly due to the fact that I cant have you in person as a friend to hug and be with and share things and party with and go out with and do stuff with.. know what i mean ?

Those words shake me deep. I have heard them said in all sorts of ways but todayto hear them from a different source in such a way

I have a friend. BraN. BraN and I have been friends for about 3 years. We have been closer at times and then we drift. But we always come back. Its a nice friendship. But the Internet.it will make a boy feel like he feels. It makes me feel like I feel.

My best friends are all stuck in wonderamaland and I wish it were different. But Im not going to knock anything because its that way.

Knowing someone halfway across the world is a nice feeling. Like no matter where you go you are not alone. BraN told me that hes jealous of him. I wonder sometimes if anyone really knows what love is.

Somedays I think I do, other days Im not sure.

I was holding you so tight and you were holding him
but you left the door so wide open that I was sure you'd come back in
And now the only time I can hold you is in my mind
but that doesn't seem to fill me up inside
So yes I felt lonely and yes I felt a need
and you seemed to feel it necessary to make me see
that I was wrong and you were right and that all my attempts
were in vain but I was pretty sure you'd turn around and want me back again
And as you slipped away
I couldn't admit that we were through
And as you slipped away
I found I lost myself in search of you
-Matt Nathanson
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