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Happy Halloween

Thursday, Oct. 31, 2002
I had an extremely shitty day at work today. I’m pretty much thinking that the pranks have bordered insanity, and while some things are harmless there are others that simply are not.

Tonight I talked to Delboy. I always go to him when I’m stressing out. He makes me laugh and it’s just a nice thing when everything else is total shit. While I was close to tears on the phone after work, he musta heard it in my voice or something, but he decided to cruise on over on his motorcycle and bring me some Halloween candy. It was great to see him. He brought me a few pictures of his kids and he hugged me when I answered the door. That was really all I needed someone to do after that fiasco at work. I just wanted someone to hug me and mean just a hug for a hugs sake. I’m grateful for that. Plus this is the first time he ever came over to my house and so I showed him my books and told him “yeah this is my friend I talk about in AZ’s book” and this is the book my friend Tod wrote and “hey dude” check this out, and how about that and blah blah blah… And I really needed that tonight. We had some pizza and he chatted to Bucky, and it was just good and a rare thing in my life. Rare to have some decent visitor to the house, and then even rarer to have someone come around that I really just genuinely like. For every bad thing in life, something good comes out of it. I know this, he is proof.

Bucky went as a punk rocker. He spiked his hair and painted it purple on the sides and wore a black rocker shirt and wild jeans and black boots and tattoos and he painted his face white and had black eyes and just looked wacky wild. That’s what he wanted to be. So he was happy. And he got a buttload of sugar to rot his pretty teeth with.

Someone I know handed out “brat candy” tonight. I think that’s rather kewl for a guy that claims to not want bothered. I know better! ;-)

After Delboy left I checked my email and got this…..and now I have a big candy coated grin on my face. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes of someone’s time to make you really feel like life is a good thing. This is too sweet, and totally “t”-like! He remembered a holiday, and that’s just totally awesome!

To: Kristy

Happy Halloween Princess. I hope that you have fun trick or treating tonight. I got some "candy" that I want to give you, but it is going to have to wait until we see one another. Bye for now.


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