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Thursday, May. 22, 2003
a momentary lapse of reality
and now you are mine
fingers entwined
limbs inclined
torching flesh
off bone
just to kiss it back
together again
your lips find my smile
your hips
line up to my denial
you cannot take me
for I am already yours

what once was fantasy
words entrapped in want
is now reality
my wickedness crawls
across your sheets
of poetry
naked, my flesh, is all
I flaunt

it is your biggest want
that creates mist on
my sweet petals
in morning dew
we make love
with kisses that surpass
tears of bliss
we fit together
as cliche as fingers
pushed tightly
in a glove

you are my definition
my answer to prayers
wished in silence
heard only by the above

touch me I scream
take me
I beg
destroy me
then remake me
do as I say
afterall this is my dream
and I am not awake
when we make love...
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