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Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2002
35 things I've never done before, which I'd like to accomplish before I'm 35. (Idea read at malcontent who lifted it from someone else.)

1. Enroll and stay in college for web design/english
2. Make dinner for “him”.
3. Bungee jump
4. Sky dive
5. Design and run my own domain
6. Blissful by the Sea (own a poetry shop on the beach..poetic vowels on beach towels!)
7. Spoken word poetry
8. Put together a CD of spoken word poetry
9. Enroll my son in a school where he will get a “real” education
10. Publish my diary entries and charge people $10, (brilliant idea really, and besides I spent 2 hours of my $10 and 3 cent time reading last night)
11. Reach my goal weight, and get my butt into that size 11 again!
12. Get over my phobia of putting foreign objects in my eyes and get contacts! Green eyes..mmm.
13. Go meet up with BraN somewhere somehow!
14. Get a hood piercing.
15. Work for at least a week at a Starbucks just to learn how they make a white chocolate mocha, or at the very least find out how they do that!
16. Get another tattoo with my lyrics custom designed into it, a nice armband on my soon to be skinny arm.
17. Have my own room especially there for my very own library.
18. Own a Siamese cat and name him Westerberg.
19. Re-paint my poetry on a ceiling again. I miss my sky ceiling.
20. Buy a new Honda Prelude.
21. Have car insurance. Don’t laugh, if you only knew…
22. Spend a New Years Eve doing something awesome.
23. Join a gym.
24. Make enough money that I can get a pedicure every week without guilt!
25. Go to Toronto to see Carla!
26. Have a computer built to my own personal specs, flat screen, goodies galore!!
27. Have a country style dwelling again.
28. Write my novel.
29. Try a different color hair.
30. Find love. .
31. Work with some other bands on songs.
32. Take my son someplace, just him and I. Mommy/Son trip!
33. Self publish my poetry.
34. Go to the Grand Canyon.
35. Ride a moped all over Key West.

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