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Monday, Aug. 19, 2002
I love this email from BraN cause this is how he talks to me over the phone too in real time….all over the place and quick spurts of thoughts and he’s just so dang sweet. I’m a lucky girl to have his friendship….

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From: BraN
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Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 10:42 AM
To: 'Kristy'

Hey KrisTY Wisty da Wistful Wun,

Ahhhh - Well, its that time of year when I write my humongous email to your royal highness (that'd be you teehee) detailing the things I've done over the past week or so.

Bought stuff for my flat over the weekend. I'm becoming a right little housewife - I can even tell you the standard dimensions of an ironing board - 145mmx38 for a small one and 145mmx45 for a wide one. I bought some nice Meyer Circulon pots and pans - on sale in this department store. I bought $150 of cleaning stuff - dusters, sprays...call me crazee...but call me skint too.....i s'pose its worth it in the lon-run - I have to get rid of all the cat hairs that are in the flat now.

Cleaners - I've been looking at steam cleaners too - theyre expensive but if i can use one to clean the floors, toilets, skirting boards, kitchen, oven clothes, suits and kill all the bed dust mites and bed bugs then it might be worth it. Next to that I need a hoover (vacuum cleaner) too.

Dip 'em in - I also bought a fondue set ..you know, dip the raw meats in the hot oil cooking in the pot over a little candle fuel burner-thingy-me-bob ... nice for parties and those romantic nights in.....by myself 8(

Entree - I have soooo much stuff I'm begining to wonder to myself whether I can fit it all in one go in the Luton box van I had to hire out for next weekend...or whether I seriously need to sort my life out and get rid of some of those old newspaper clippings I've saved to show my great grandkids... you know...September 11th, murder in Ricky etc.etc. Least what do I do with my old books I had as a kid - my Roald Dahls, Enid Blightons and Willard Prices....get rid of them? Noooo way man...i was brought up on those books.

Fun fun fun - And I've run out of those plastic crates I bought at Costco - damn... my dad says he'll buy 'em off me coz he could use them at work - niceeeee one ! So I've got to go out and buy another 10 or so today...

Got loadsss of clothes - arghhhhhhhh.. ok... I have a few - fill up them suitcases we have stored in the bathroom. Not to mention my Nikes I bought in Canada..cheappppp..youguys have it so well...our Nikes cost double what you pay. $100...make that £100 over here...rip-off Britain...Least I shall have my new little shoe stand I bought in Costco around 6 months ago when i put the offer in for the flat) that I haven't got round to using... bah humbug!!!

High Holy days - coming up 6th September - Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur .. a time to remember the past year, the loved ones I've hurt, the sins I've committed ... sorry if I've hurt you over the past year KriS.

I'm gonna sweat....yes....thats what I'm gonna be doing on Friday (30th) Saturday (31st) Sunday (1st) and Monday (2nd).. taken the Monday off work.

Julius and Jap - my grandad (my dad's dad) from South Africa celebrated his birthday on Friday... phoned him in the afternoon..very pleased to hear from me...asked when I'd be going to visit - hopefully this year ... My Grandma (my mum's mum) had her birthday the day after...went to a nice little restaurant out in the countryside for ameal.. had a lovely Aylesbury duck!!

Kick boxing - got the gloves, got the boxer shorts - might have to take it up again when I move - otherwise they too will probably have to go in the tip.

Little things here and there I have to do...arghhhh...runing out of yellow sticky notes.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - do you guys get Maltesers? One of the guys here brought them up earlier - not literally mind you..he said "I think Maltesers are people who come from Malta" .. d'ya reckon this is true? I thought the Canadian people came from Canadia .. honest I made this mistake! hehehe

Not a lot left to say, I think this email is becoming really long so sorry if I'm boring you hahaha

On the other hand I have to leave work early today, gotta get those boxes remember?

Perhaps you're gonna come visit me in England soon? Do you not want to have lunch with the Queen then?

Rosha Hashana - on this day we dip apples in the honey - Jewish New Year - wishing everyone a sweet and fulfilling and Happy New Year. 5762 is the year (eg. 2002 = 5762)

Something to think about...hmmmmmm (said in a Yoda accent)

Taryn, my sister says hi btw - I spoke to her yesterday and mentioned your name about something or other and she said "oh,..how is Kristy" .. see, she remembers you.

Urghhhhh - heat wave here the last few days... it reached about 31 degrees on the weekeend... was lovely and warm...not too too humid..just about right for t-shirts and jeans

Vooooooooooooooooooom - went out on the BEAST on Saturday - still going strong..did I ever send you pics? I can't remember...so have you been on a bike before? Have you seen Austin Powers 3 yet? You guys have xXx out now with Vin Diesel - Ithink he's the new action superheroe...nice guy, watch Pitch Black - coolmovie...

Wahayyyyyyyyyyy, you;re thinking I'm nearly at the end of my emailnow.... not too long to go.... I never did ask you though...are you Xenophobic at all? What does that mean I haven't a cool

Zongz ! phewww.. well.... backto work I go p.s. seen Zoology with Ben Stiller? Any good?

love from

I replied to him telling him I’d answer him properly from home. Then I got this…

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From: BraN
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 11:47 AM
To: 'Kristy'

hehehe...just realised my ironing board meausurements were miniscule..i meant cm not mm

yeah… I’m lucky. And now I gotta write him a mucho long email tonight…
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