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domestic goddess?

Wednesday, Mar. 10, 2004

Who needs Martha?  I watched Martha once. I used to love her.  I learned a lot from her.  I never "liked" her.  I just liked her knowledge and her recipe for apple pie. 

I saved all her recpies, had a homemade journal where I used to record the episodes and then write them down in meticulous handwriting and with great care.  I used to want a green kitchen.  I used to.

Now I'm in culinary love with ......

She's on FoodTV.  Paula Dean. She's the real deal baby!!!!!

Then of course there is the

I first ran into her on yah yah the Martha Stewart show, but she's MORE realistic and doesn't braid her pasta into wreaths. 

All in all.....have you noticed that while friendly looking, smiling ear to ear...(as Martha once did) these women sorta look like crapola in some way.  Must be all the stress of being a domestic goddess. 

Yah this is why I like take out food even though I know very well how to cook!!!


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