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I dream of Daddy

Thursday, Feb. 02, 2006
This morning I had two dreams in the midst of Rick getting up and moving about the apartment. First I dreamt that I was being raped and killed. It was an entirely scary scary SCARY dream and I woke up shaking but yet I’ve been so tired and drained and so I was quickly able to get right back to sleep. And then I had another dream…..

In this dream my father and I were sitting on a picnic table at Prince Gallitzin. (a place we always went to when I was a child…) eating dinner. We were eating “shoe leather” together. (Shoe leather is those thin thin steaks cooked until you can barely chew them but with tons of spices….a recipe only my Dad knew). In this dream we were eating together and my father was young and healthy the way I most remember him. We weren’t talking but I could smell his aftershave in the breeze blowing through the air. The sun was warm on my face and I was very happy and content and my father reached his hand over and placed it on mine and said, “He’s good you know.” I said mid chew, “Whose good Daddy? Who?” He replied, “All Ricky’s are good.”

I woke up crying….feeling like I just rode an emotional rollercoaster. And now…now I will write this all in an email to my friend Carla and ask her to decipher it all in her “dream” translation books, even though I never believed in those before.

And now for some reason I want to buy a pair of corduroy pants like the ones I had when I was ten and figure out how to make “shoe leather” and go back to Prince Gallitzin and take my husband Ricky with me. :-)

(sidenote: Rick’s ENTIRE family calls him Ricky….he’s a twin afterall…Randy & Ricky! And my deceased father’s birth certificate name was Ricky too…I really miss my Dad)
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