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Friday, Oct. 21, 2005
This morning I was in a happy mood. Most of the time I am in that mood in the morning. Then I hit work and issues and stress and wedding planning and blam…I’m wiped. But this morning I was happy go lucky still.

This morning both Rick and I left home at the same exact time. We usually do not do this. As I was getting in my car I felt so happy to be leaving the house at the same time and saying proper fully awake goodbyes to each other. I then followed him across the complex lot and then…then he pulled out and made a left turn and then backed up and turned around and came back next to my car. I didn’t know why though.

Our exchange:

Me: What’s wrong?

The man: I forgot my wallet.

Me: It’s on the side coffee table I think..at least it was last night. Why’d you forget it?

The man: You were kissing on me and stuff….and you distracted me.

Me: :-)

Reason# 567,997,056,124,593,000 I pick Rick. “Easily distracted”
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