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glass clear (poem)

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2002
glass clear

Grasp at nothing
My fingers bleed
Dug deep in your invisible glass
This loss is the last cost
That I will ever convince
Myself to need

Too many years
Self preservation led
To this deaf destruction
My own alienation

Your skin like total heat
Matching my husky
Dry tears heaved

Pounding my rocking
Head against the wall
In your sight
Never I never have done this
I’ve held it in
My own solitary fights

Too many faceless names
Entered in insane
Grasp at nothing
My fingers bleed
Dug deep into this invisible glass

And he said
She said
And the memory’s said
do you have these
same catalogs
of what used to be

do you recall it all
what we were
what we said we would be
how did we get here
how did something so
amazing crash


Will you love me forever
Even as this breaks us
Brings us to our knees
Will I be the one that was
That once in a lifetime feeling
The only true thing you know
About “together”

Too many mistakes
Lets not keep score
My heart bleeds through
these invisible glass shards
I’m too hurt, too sore
Can you help me
Hold me, teach me
How to hold these cards

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