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Thursday, Mar. 16, 2006
When I first met Rick he had long long hair…..his hair is naturally curly and really wild. But Rick almost ALWAYS has a ball cap on his head. I think the only day I did not see him wearing a hat was the day we got married, and anytime when we’re at home, and even then he wears a hat a lot of the time.

He works outside, in the summertime it’s hot. I’ve often told him he should make things better on himself. He’s always refused. I nag and nag him to get his hair cut, and it’s usually really way too long but he hates haircuts.

So imagine my surprise when I came home from work today to find this…..

I love the above photo because...well....look at his arms....and his legs....and...his neck...and the sun....and....I took most of these without him knowing it..he was playing a game. I love my husband!

I swear he looks so sexy with his hair like this…..I love it! He hates me right now for showing you……and I'll hear about it all night. But look at his head....I want to sit and rub it all night like a buddha belly. Maybe I'll just lick his neck like the doggie to the right ->> is almost doing.....
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