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Monday, May. 06, 2002

Ok so I was reading http’s diary cause I promised I would. I also checked out all the layouts that mdaines did. I don’t like most of them. I do like however one of them.


which isn’t even a diaryland layout. But *sigh*.

SO then I read all the diarys in his list. Collectively this is what I read.

1. whine
2. complain
3. drug ingestion
4. tired
5. complain
6. go to bed

Now I can’t have an opinion after one read through of what he’s reading here at diaryland…but well…

1. I caaaaaan’t believe someone that listens to Paul reads that stuff…
2. My biggest complaint is that I didn’t much read anything interesting.
3. I think I might need to take a toke on my pretend crack pipe to get it.
4. Man my head hurts from that one green layout…still.
5. yeah…time for bed.


Hey…http… In all actuality…I think I’m gonna keep reading your stuff and give it all a fair chance cause your diary “content” is pretty A-ok. I’m just joshing around…so….((((((((((http)))))))) <-never thought I’d hug that! Never say never.

- PoeticaL

P.S. http has great taste in music…and maybe I’ll fall in wire like with him before this is all over… hmm…
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