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Saturday, Nov. 02, 2002
Oh boy I think Shelley needs some anger management therapy badly. I wish she’d just go live her happy little life. And isn’t it odd how she tells no one where her diary is? Let me tell you. Incidentally this “suck dicks in alleys” comments crack me up. She’s never met me, doesn’t know me, but somehow thinks she knows that I would suck dick and if so, it would be in an alley? Yeah because Justin on diaryland claims that I told him that once. As if. I think if I was oh so happily married like she wants to project, I’d be busy hanging out with my man. I certainly wouldn’t be wasting time reading a diary of someone that I didn’t even like.

Incidentally she tells no one where her diary is. She’s moved it. But it used to be… http://oxeia.diaryland.com/index.html

She bailed on it. But in it she states that her now husband then boyfriend lied to her and didn’t tell her that he was still married and therefore couldn’t marry her yet. And he was staying married because his wife needed health insurance. But hey, her life’s perfect and only mine’s all fucked up. Do I know her? Fuck no. Apparently she really wants to talk to me since she can’t stop herself.

I’m not making this stuff up about her. Check it out before she deletes it http://oxeia.diaryland.com/010611_59.html where it says


Friday night was not so great. I found out that the boi I have been dating for 7 months is still married. Yes, you heard that right, he's still married!!!!! You know, it wouldn't have been so bad if it was just a matter of paper work going through, the typical rigamarol that goes along with the courts, etc. But, he's still married because 3 months ago she got fired from her job and needed to stay on his medical benifits. What a fucking crock of shit that is. So, 3 months ago when his company went through all their lay offs...and he was all worried about getting fired.. he was really upset that his WIFE wouldn't be recieving her medical benifits. Yet, he tells me he wants to marry me, blah blah blah.. but can't afford to buy a ring. LIE!!!! He can't marry me because he's still married!!!!!!

So she married a liar. I married a liar. Only he didn’t come clean til after the papers were signed and I was trapped. Why then does she want to be so fucking judgmental of my life? She went to college and thinks she’s better than me because of this. But from what I can tell she doesn’t even have a job and once called her daughter “the product of rape”. If that’s true, I would never call my child such a thing, even if it were true. She is someone I don’t even know. Nor did I ever say I did. Incidentally the liar she married is (info deleted intentionally, sell your own crappy book Greg!) He wasn’t updating regularly but now that he has a book he wants to push on the public, (of which it looks as though he has no audience for his diary) he is now updating about his jobless life. He has somehow also gotten involved and copped judgment’s about me when I don’t know him either! He should send NC his $30 and get a life. Obviously working for someone else isn’t working out for him.

I have talked to Justin in the past. He’s judgmental too. He told me that cheating on my husband was wrong even if it was after he left me and went to New York taking my son with him. But he himself walked out of his own marriage saying they were just friends and he never loved her “like that”. Hey that’s his business, but if you’re going to cop a judgmental attitude towards other people, you should expect a person to point out your own faults. If you’re going to get on a high horse and call yourself a marriage expert perhaps you ought to have made your own marriage work before you start doling out advice. Now after he walked out on his marriage his now ex-wife has chosen not to see their child. This sucks. I’ve always thought it sucked. She’ll be quite sorry one day and her daughter will grow up and put two and two together and make her own decisions about things. In the interim I made a comment in his guestbook.

I made the comment that follows after I read this… email on justins diary

I’m sure it wasn’t your intention, but she gets my compassion. I think there’s no excuse for total absence from Chloe’s life. But I do think you have no idea where she’s at emotionally and mentally. If she feels she can’t offer Chloe what Chloe deserves from her, perhaps she is giving the best gift she can by giving Chloe the peace of her absence. I know what its like to have your child “taken away”. It can destroy any one.

I probably wouldn’t help Bucky’s father take him out of the country either. Even if he had custody and I should. I would probably not want to think about my child going so far away. Put yourself in her shoes..have you ever?

As you can see all I really said was to put yourself in other people’s shoes when you don’t understand their actions. That was all.

Ever since, I have been accosted left and right. I should have just said what everyone else tells him. “ohhh Justin you’re soooooooooo great”.

Whatever. Fuck diaryland propaganda. I don’t care what Shelley says. Half the guestbook entries all over Justin’s diary and now all over her goofy husbands diary aren’t even me. I think they post stuff trying to feed the beast.

Now I know I’m tired of this whole issue. I don’t give a fuck what gets said anymore, not enough to reply. I’m on iggy about it all from now on. Have at it you guys, since apparently your lives are so full and happy that you have time to worry about my life. If you’re really oh so concerned about it all, do something constructive and positive for a change.


Funny right after I posted this...I get this pm.

oXiEa: hey... listen...if you want people to leave you alone...try not signing our guestbooks...

Kwisty2k: try not speaking to me

oXiEa: no seriously... take a look at your actions...sure, I was a pain in the ass a few weeks ago...but it was dropped...everytime you leave one of your messages in one of our guestbooks... thats when I start in again...just drop it...dont read our diaries...and leave us alone

Kwisty2k: you give advice you don't take yourself

oXiEa: uh.....I believe you are mistaken

Kwisty2k: go away

oXiEa: oh you scare me..

I send warnings..

oXiea: that does nothing..

Kwisty2k: this does

(I blocked her)

Funny how that's the first time I ever even spoke to her directly. But she says she knows me? haaaaaaaa
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