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Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006
As an avid reader, writer, alphabet pornographer….I have to say, you always hope and wish and pray that some part of your innate love for words carries through to your own flesh and blood.

I can now relax. because my child writes poetry!

My son is writing poetry…..to girls online. I’m so proud I could squeeze the sweet right out of him in one hug.

Furthermore, my son does sometimes say bad words; this does not end my world. As long as he’s not saying them to the wrong people at inappropriate times or to cause other people to feel hurt, I’m ok with it. I’ve written before about my feelings towards language, curse words and otherwise. But I find that many people automatically believe that you should censor your children. Believe me; he was censored out the ying/yang when he was a small child. There is no rationalization for a toddler using the “f” word or any other word that they can’t possibly understand the meaning behind.

He’s 13. He hears far worse things every day in school. I’m ok with him saying “damn” when he’s angry, etc. It’s ok with me because I know he doesn’t walk around saying “Damn you!” “Damn this” “Damn that.” It comes out when necessary.

Besides, I fucking think that language should never be the real issue. Most of the time if I don’t like something he’s saying it has shit little to nothing to do with his language but everything to do with his intent and perhaps any cruelty behind it. But then again, if you knew my kid you would already know he hasn’t a mean bone in his body.

I love watching his writing skills improve, his language skills sharpen, his spelling skills fall more into place. I love that guie! (my son always spells that word wrong….I find it cute these days……of watching him grow up too fast...)
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