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Sunday, Jun. 11, 2006

I recently read a fellow studentís comments in a culture class Iím currently in.The train of thought going on was that of other cultures and how children in other countries work from an early age and how some people think that American children are lazy.The topic has mostly been on Mexico and how children in Mexico work hard from nearly day one and how in comparison American children are just flat out lazy.


I pointed out to some in class that my son would love to have a job and could do a great job in many places, but is too young by American law to work.He is however not lazy.


Someone else pointed out that American children are lazy because they donít have to work in order to eat.


And then it happenedÖ..some other assclown said the following:


>I definately agree the work ethic of children today seems to be lacking.
> The chldren of those cultures work because if they don't they don't eat.
> That's how it works in my house, you don't do your work, you don't eat.


I responded to her as follows:


Not feeding your children is considered to be child abuse in some cultures regardless of your reasons.


A woman recently got arrested in Tampa, FL because she used masking tape to tape her childs hands and feet together and she taped a washcloth in his mouth.  She called this her form of discipline.


I'm sure in other countries this activity might be acceptable and even overlooked.  Discipline matters are private in some places.  But not in others. She's in jail tonight.



I have never sent my son to bed without dinner.I have never insisted he eat all of his dinner and I have never used food as punishment or discipline.I think itís wrong.


What do you think after reading this entry?


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