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Monday, Sept. 04, 2006

I have opinions like all people. We all have our own thoughts about things. I think when you put your thoughts and opinions online for the world to see, and you open up comments and guestbooks, etc. then you need to expect and accept that people will say things to you. I do not advocate cruelty for cruelties sake. But I also think it’s insane for anyone to write about their life online and then not expect that someone will come along and say something that you disagree with. Since this is my website I have a few things to say regarding infertility and a few other things.

1. If you cannot simply “get pregnant” and you must go through any infertility treatment, etc. then you need to find a way to pay for it yourself. It is not anyone else’s responsibility to “buy you” a baby or to “help you” bring a child into the world. If you can’t afford to do it yourself, perhaps there’s a high likelihood that you cannot afford to provide for a child. Furthermore, if your friends and family volunteer to help, that’s wonderful and I think nothing less than that.
2. If you cannot afford to pay your bills then someone in your household should get another form of income somehow. I happen to know what its like to struggle, be poor, etc. etc. But I also know what it’s like to have two jobs and work alternate shifts to provide for the bills, kids, etc.
3. Prior to having a baby, couples should seriously make sure they have addressed all the problems within their marriage, because once you add children into the mix, you are raising the stakes that marriage will now have, as well as increasing the stress levels, responsibility levels, etc.
4. You should discuss, plan for and prepare for the added expense of having a baby.
5. Being a full time stay at home Mother is a hard job, I did it and it was not always the easiest thing to cope with and do. However, I love my son and I would not change what I did for the world.
6. I do not think my ideas are the same ideas that all other people in the world should have.
7. I already know someone will bring up the question of the situation with my existing child sometime before, during, etc…..that Rick and I take this journey of having a child of our own.
8. My son is healthy, happy, well adjusted, and being taken care of by both of his biological parents.
9. I no longer care what anyone else says to me because this is my life and these are my opinions and I know that the whole wide world (including the Internet) will not agree and I’m okay with that.
10. When I turn off my computer each day, I realize that there are real people out there utilizing the Internet, but when it comes right down to it all that matters is that Rick and I do what is right for our marriage, our relationship, our responsibilities and our lives.
11. Don't write about it on the Internet if you don't want people to talk about it on the Internet.

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