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Monday, Feb. 27, 2006
Tonight I knew I had book club. I did not know however that we were having a visitor. We had a great time! The author of our recent read showed up after being asked the previous day to make arrangements to meet up with us. We expected this request to take a few weeks to organize at best, and that was if she agreed and did not charge us. (which she did not...wonderfuly giving of her time) It was a very insightful night. My book club friends are having a huge and powerfully happy impact on my life. They are intelligent experienced women from all walks of life. They are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters…. survivors. Every time we discuss a book more and more information about each of us comes to the surface. It’s a wonderful association we have. I’m learning that women are wonderful and friendships amongst them are so very valuable and empowering for me.

Please ask me about this book....I'd love to share with you.

From left to right

Vicki, Kristy, Becky, Janet, Maxene (the author) and Teri.

The date and time on the camera is totally wrong. I won a new digital camera on ebay and it showed up today at work. Also another fluke and suprise because I normally don't bring camera's to book club and yet when I arrived and realize the author was indeed there, I ran to my car and yanked my new camera from the box and put the batteries in.


Rick already printed this snapshot out for me on my new printer....so I can hang it at work tomorrow. Reason # 546,134,453,124 I pick Rick!
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