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Wednesday, Aug. 02, 2006
There are moments when I wonder if I know what it is that I’m doing by studying management so diligently. I mean who the heck thinks that their managers know what they are doing? How many people have faith in their bosses and upper management?

I can say that I have a lot of faith and that I have had managers that I now consider to be very good friends and or associates.

I have had a few bosses in my day that I absolutely admired and gleamed so much from. I had a manager who once told me when I bitched about my first husband prior to the divorce… “If you don’t like who he is perhaps you need to change who you are because you attract people that reflect what you are.”

I thought “bullshit you jerk!”

I was wrong and he was right.

As I’ve stated before sometimes I get assignments that I dread because I have nothing from personal experience to say. And sometimes they’re so complex and confusing that I wonder what in the world am I studying this for?

And then an assignment comes along and I find myself feeling Zen. It’s as if I am transfixed in my chair feeling one with the theories of management that I most adore.

The paper I will write next week..

Prepare a 1,650-2,000-word paper in which you examine the role and responsibilities of leadership in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. Make two recommendations to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. Provide examples from the readings and/or your personal experience to support these recommendations.

Zen. I am sitting in Zen with my thoughts and ideas and theories and this is a huge topic in my world. I have seen work cultures that were amazing. I have lived in those that were so dreary and ill contrived that I laughed at the Disney like atmospheric qualities. And I have experienced the best of the best.

I love this topic. Healthy Organizational Workplace Culture.

Yes I’m a management geekazoid. Maybe it’s the realization that as a manager you can change the way an employees day plays out simply by instilling great leadership and ideals and mentoring styles rather than drudgery and whining and demands and poor delegation skills.

Ahhhh are you feeling the Zen? No? phhhf…..

If this entry wasn't your bag and you're one of those long time readers and you want an update on "him". I have one. I spoke to "him" this afternoon and you are not going to believe it!

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