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Sunday, May. 29, 2005
TeeheeÖ I must say I have been keeping an excel file list of all of my books for the last 2 years so while I did type in about 60 titles last night and I did an inventory of sorts, I did not type in 691 titles at any one given time. I use Excel and then I use the sort ascending button to put them into alphabetical order. I have found this to be necessary otherwise I do buy some doubles or I canít find something and assume I might have lost it or never actually bought it but rather read it in a store sometime. Itís hard to keep track of that many books.

Itís a long weekend and the man has had to work most of it. :-( I havenít accomplished much of anything because I have money in the bank but no bankcard to retrieve it with. Now tell me that doesnít suck!! I went to the bank over a week ago with my son and put my card in the machine and then walked back to the car to get my account # and when I came back to the machine it was burpingÖ.my card was itís dinner. I still have no new card in the mail.

Weíre mostly all moved in but still have to hang the crap back on the walls. Thatís the worst part. Iím quickly getting to the point where I just want to do away with anything that gets hung on walls. Itís such a pain when you move to hang it back up. And until you do, itís lying all over the rest of your life.

All Chloe cares about is her chairÖ..and itís intact and in sunshine today.

Donít you wish you were a dog. People pet you, kiss you, feed you, pick up your shit and buy you comfy furniture that sets off your coloring perfectly. I will never tire of just how cute she looks sitting in that stupid chair. Never.
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