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Friday, Aug. 08, 2003

I got myself this ring because it opens and reveals an intact heart inside. It’s symbolic to me. For awhile I was singing the song “I will survive” to myself daily like a bad rerun of Ally McBeal or something. I did everything to remind myself that life goes on that love still exists. I now know these things to be true.

Boyfriend taught me that there were plenty of happy giggly sheet earthquake moments left. He doesn’t seem to know this but he has given me the belief that one can always take a blank page and start over and more important one can always take a torn page and still write a new story on it. There might be cracks in my heart, there might even be scars, but it has slowly started on the path to becoming intact. I’m very sure these days that the world is full of new experiences, new happy moments. The sun doesn’t go away on rainy days, it just takes a nap.

At first it was odd not having any sort of wedding ring. Then it wasn’t so weird. Now it’s fine. I won’t be wearing this ring on that finger. But my former broken heart is fusing back together….I know I’m healing.

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