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no tomorrow (poem)

Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2002
No Tomorrow

I have seen the face of death
The irony of hatred
The hand of evil
I have watched the world collapse
The sky surround
A horror of such magnitude
That my mind has gone silent
In the ugly scream
Of an unimaginable sound

I have heard the world explode
With the urgency of no ugly words
The ground sucked in lost realities
Surreal the steps of all fallacy
What once was alive in trepid hope?
Lost in one moment
The explosion of the eyes of evils scope

The plague of adversity holds us
In his hand
An unknown victim of the worlds
Complacency, can you understand?

It never was, what once there was
A false sense of existence
Has now been sadly born

The miseries of the human strive
The color of hate is not the color of flesh
It surrounds the weak, the lost the forlorn
There are no words, nothing more

Nothing more…

Nothing more…

Something less


Time has passed
I now realize that there are more tomorrows
Because we have all survived yesterday

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