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Monday, May. 08, 2006
I’ve been reading piehole for so long I can’t remember a life without piehole. Piehole is something you should not be missing out on. Piehole makes me happy, piehole makes me laugh, piehole makes me giddy and now piehole makes me a better wife!

Why all of the hubbub about piehole? Welll….I noticed recently that piehole had a recipe site. I vowed to make one particular recipe and tonight I did.

My husband would like to shower pieholewith pure and utter gratitude for such an amazing dinner!

Go see and read all about it here!!!!

Then go find you some piehole and make your own pie…*burp* I mean chick..in….mmmmmmmmm….I mean make your hushbund happie!..I mean drunk you'seph some dinnerss.

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