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Monday, Aug. 26, 2002
Bry: I thought I would share with you that I went to York

Bry: since you is Pennsylvania girlie girl

Me: fuck that

Me: I don't tell too many people that

Me: its not a source of pride

Bry: lol

Me: and York sucks

Me: by the way

Bry: i like York

Me: i've been there

Me: used to have a boyfriend there

Bry: i'd live there

Me: that's cause you wanna do kwelly

Bry: lol

Me: york = slutville

Bry: no, cuz i like the town

Me: phhft

Bry: you is being silly

Me: nothing there to like

Bry: i think so

Me: whatever

Bry: york is a nice place

Me: the only good thing in PA is sheetz hotdogs and submarine sandwiches from churches

Bry: nice people

Me: and you can tell kwelly I said that

Me: fuck that

Me: pathetic good job needing brown couch farting people

Bry: good lord

Me: good lord nothing

Bry: well, i like it and i been there...so phhhtttttt

Bry: one thing i really noticed about york......

Me: cow manure smell?

Me: bwah hahahhahaha

Bry: in the grocery stores......in the section for snacks......they had more damn pretzels than i had ever seen


Me: that's so true

Bry: i was really amazed......they had isles of them

Bry: when i was there, the people must have i was strange cuz i was just standing there gawking....

Bry: thinking "wow, these people love their pretzels"

Me: at the pretzels

Bry: yesss

Me: yeah because you dumbass benzel pretzel factory is right there

Me: hanover

Me: is there too

Me: doh

Me: Pretzel Pennsylvania

Bry: well, there was all kinds of brands to choose from...it was like a pretzel conniseurs paradise

Me: lol

Me: yes but did you eat a sub?

Me: a sheetz hotdog?

Me: a gob?

Me: a no-bake cookie?

Bry: no, never heard of them


Me: ask kwelly

Me: wait

Me: she's not a real Pennsylvanian

Me: she has no brown couch

Bry: what's with the brown couch?

Me: everyone has a brown couch in PA

Me: and brown paneling

Bry: why?

Me: and deer horns on their living room walls

Me: cause they're in Pennsylvania

Me: and they're fucked

Bry: hmmmm

Me: fuck

Bry: what

Me: now i'm hungry for those big fat benzel pretzels with the big crusty salt pieces on em

Bry: they do sound good, don't they?

Me: yup

Me: you suck

Bry: i love big, soft pretzels

Me: me too

Me: dang it

Me: i'm hungry

Bry: go get us some

Bry: any place close you can go get some?

Me: not isles to choose from

Me: probably one pathetic bag of lays brand or some stupid shit

Me: not benzels

Bry: really?

Me: dunno

Me: i'll have to go see

Me: you suck

Bry: we have a place in the mall that sells big pretzels

Bry: but it's closed now

Bry: i'll go get one tomorrow when i go get my hair cut

Me: lol

Bry: i love them

Bry: put mustard on them

Bry: they don't have the ones i like....

Bry: http://www.benzels.com/html/kinds.htm

Bry: Sourdough Hard Pretzels........i like them soft, not hard

Me: yeahhhhhhhhhhh

Me: but I like em hard

Bry: you do?

Me: yes

Me: lol

Bry: as in crunchy?

Me: yes

Me: salty

Me: big

Bry: i used to hate pretzels.....the small, hard, crunchy kind.......

Me: lol

Bry: that's all we had down here

Me: damn it I gotta go to the store now…

Bry: you do?

Me: yeah for a fucking pretzel!

Bry: sounds yummy

Bry: a nice, big, fat, salty pretzel

Me: 11 p.m. going for pretzels....damn it

Bry: get me one too!!

Me: yeah as if

Bry: if it was an hour earlier i woulda zipped over to the mall

Me: for a pretzel?

Bry: yes


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