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Tuesday, Mar. 29, 2005
name: Jules
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message: Uh... how about YOU violated your court order!! You are bitching about him because he violated a court order, yet you praise yourself for doing the same?? Stop making fucking excuses. You can have your son every other week and not lose your 1 job (which you stated you scaled down to) or have to quit school (which you do on the internet). Fact of the matter is, you are just as bad a mother as he is a father. Also, a judge wont side with you because you could lose your job and possibly have to quit school. He'd say you were just as much at fault. Get over yourself, you are no better than he is. Oh, and why do you think a 12 year old has to go to daycare? That's just weird. posted from

I’d like to address this assfuck that left me the above msg on my guestbook.

1. He has violated the court order in 3 separate incidences. (Not providing health insurance, not advising me when he’s incapacitated, preventing me from picking up my son because he was in the hospital and his new wife refused to facilitate my son’s relationship with his mother because she had opportunity to be a bitch in her ill husband’s absence, and leaving town without disclosing this information) All three of those violations are listed in our divorce agreement that HE SIGNED and AGREED to.

2. I cannot quit my job and attend college by getting another job because of two reasons. 1. I’d have to work two jobs to afford college and taking care of my son, if working two jobs my son would not be in my care anyway. He would be in daycare, that I would then have to work a 3rd job to pay for. So while working 3 jobs, what kind of mother would I then be?

3. I believe that leaving a 12 year old home alone when you are out running around town doing nothing is wrong. I do not necessarily believe that a 12 year old needs daycare per say, but the divorce agreement reads that way to prevent him from dumping my son with anyone he wants to at any given time.

4. Because of the current situation I am able to financially provide for my son more than his father can or does. His father HAS NO JOB. What part of that are you skipping over?

If we go back to court, a judge will order him to provide health insurance. That is a given. He signed that agreement. The visitation part of the agreement is listed as flexible depending upon need, etc. A judge may order me to take my son for those weeks, but my ex would never push that issue because he knows my son would be with someone other than me. That is not ok with him even though he leaves my son with NO ONE all day.

I cannot have my son with me whenever I work from 11:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. Monday thru Thursday. It’s impossible. He would have to be cared for by an outside party and I would not see him anyway. I work 4 ten hour days the majority of the time. I have mandatory Saturday’s as well. When I work on Saturdays I do not leave work earlier, but rather go into work later. There is no way I can have my son with me and work this job. None.

Furthermore, because my education is tuition free due to where I work I can receive funding from the government. This funding will probably pay for any medical needs my son needs in the event of an emergency. My ex certainly has no savings to rely upon if and or when my son needs anything.

IE: Thank god I have this job because this child’s father cannot provide what he agreed to provide.

How did this absence of health insurance get resolved? I added my son to my health insurance at THIS JOB that would appear to some to be an inconvenience and appears to my son as a godsend since it’s providing for him financially.

I’d love to see any judge look at my jobless ex and then tell me that I’m the bad parent when I’m the one providing the necessary things that he needs. Without me, he’d have no shoes, clothes….

Lastly… Kiss my ass…you haven’t a clue. You also might want to sit and commune and talk about how Jesus forgives all day long with my ex. If so, I’ll give you his address.

I just spoke to my ex and told him that my son has been added to my insurance. To which he replied, “thanks…I owe you one, I know this isn’t right but I’m glad he’ll have coverage. When things improve we’ll work something else out.”

Which really means, “I’m a loser parent and thank god my son’s mother isn’t.”

P.S. Quitting my job that provides insurance, benefits, tuition….a future….yah real smart assfuck. Who's paying for the health insurance? Me and my job Jules thinks I should quit are! Yes I scaled down to 1 job so that I could spend my mornings studying so that I can get a degree and provide that much more for my son. Whether or not I had that 2nd job made no difference in my seeing my son or not because it was a morning job that took place when he was at school.

During the summer I will get my son every Thursday night and he will go back to his father on Monday prior to my returning to work. Which is something I have been doing. In other words I will have my son the same amount of time that his father does all summer long. Uh...that would be EQUAL time. However, his father will still not be paying for his health insurance.
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