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shit weekend take 2

Tuesday, May. 30, 2006

Two buildings….14 days or the city will condemn them. 14 days as in total days not business days. I have mixed feelings…they are….

1. they need to fix this problem fast….and right
2. with the city code’s department involved…that will either
3. a. happen
b. not happen
4. without the city involved it would not happen correctly ever…

This means 26 apartment units and approximately a couple hundred people (I’m guessing 200) will be misplaced or will have their units fixed pronto. I met some of these people this morning. They are elderly, there are some handicapped people. There are issues and I have mixed feelings because I’ve either fixed the problem or made a bigger one for myself but either way….I’m tired of it….and my voice is being heard.

When a group of us went to the management office we were quite quickly told to leave or the cops would be called. W hat sort of customer service is that? I’ve long been someone that believes that if you are not assisted by the people in charge go above their head. There’s a boss for every boss and then there’s the law and everyone has to answer to the law.

I have one neighbor in the building that I live in who has taken the stance “you didn’t even give them a chance to fix this…you got the government involved and that was wrong. I have full confidence that they will address these issues.

Hmm…after 4 days of walking over and around shit…I’m not confident at all in any of the management. I’ve been through all of this before. Mold incident of 2005?? Remember that one???

I’m only concerned because they now have 14 days….that’s it. And the rent is due on the first. SO what the hell is one to do? If you don’t pay it…it’ll be reported as a violation. If you do pay it…you may have to move in 14 days. What the fuck do I do?

Gahhhh….and in the interim there’s still work and school and the rest of life to contend with.

When all else fails….go to the bookstore……

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