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Monday, Oct. 31, 2005

Today I added a new template to my old old forgotten first diary (the previous layout was much darker and more depressing and wasn’t working any longer as we all know that Lexi Designs is no more….but it’s updated now so that it can be read.I did this because today I found 50books and I was reminded of my own goal and how I met it.You can now read what books I read by going à poeticalYou can also read my life from 2001 (I was not happy back then but I sure wrote a ton of poetry because I had a lot more time on my hands to do so) until I moved to trulypoetic.My first entry from August 1, 2001 is -à poetical

I will have to do that goal again as soon as I finish college….and that won’t be anytime soon.I still say that Julie did a much bigger thing by making every recipe in that Julia Child’s French Cooking recipe book.You can read about that -> juliepowell.blogspot

Recently I have a renewed interest in cookbooks and have a long list of them that I want to purchase soon.I don’t really know what’s up with me and food.I think it’s the diet thing and the exercise thing and so I’m enjoying LOOKING at food instead of eating it.:-)

Today I also got a reference for a good OB/GYN.Fertility drugs are in my near future. Rick thinks I jest, but dang have you seen the likes of Leta…Echo…Riley…etc?They make my ovaries ache.If you don’t know who those kids are…then where have you been?

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